How top technologies enabled startups to fight COVID-19

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Top technologies like AI, RPA and Analytics enabled startups to tackle COVID-19, according to SupplyNote’s Kumar Kushang.

The COVID-19 clenched the whole world and India became one of the most affected nations. The outbreak and the resultant lockdown led to the recession in the economy with the startup industry suffering the most.

About 70% of startups impacted badly and faced complications of dwindling revenues and low cash reserves. However, some gave a tough challenge to coronavirus with the use of top technologies and found a way to survive.

Efficient use of technologies
To fight the deadly pandemic, many startups came up with leveraging the top technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and analytics.

The optimum utilisation of these technologies not only helped in the survival of the respective startups but also assisted the front line workers in tackling the critical situation.

Let’s understand this better with some examples: BlueSemi, a Hyderabad based tech startup developed a device called NEEM. It is a contactless thermal scanning device that measures the temperature of individuals. This device is based on the technology of AI and requires minimal human

Gurugram based startup Staqu has launched AI-based thermal cameras, is another notable example. The camera named ‘JARVIS’ detects potential COVID-19 positive cases up to a range of 100 metres.

It creates a real-time alert on detecting a person with a body temperature above normal and can even monitor several people at the same time.

Where some startups are using AI technology, others are using RPA.For example, New Delhi based startup PerSapien has come up with a mini robot named ‘Minus Corona UV Bot’.

This little bot sterilises places like ICUs, wards and patient rooms by using its ultraviolet light, thus banishing the requirement of human personnel for sanitisation.

On the other hand, Bengaluru based tech startup Invento Robotics has repurposed its robots to assist doctors and healthcare workers in hospitals. In place of patients infected doctors, these robots will do temperature checks, collect patient data and other petty stuff.

Other technological innovations include COVID-19 trackers, portable and low-cost ventilators and drones assisting law enforcement agencies in the effective implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols.

The above-mentioned information concludes that the technological advancements have not only helped in the survival of the startup industry but have also backed up the fight against COVID-19. These adoptions of cutting edge technology are the need of the hour.

(This article is written by Kumar Kushang- Co-founder & CEO, SupplyNote . The views expressed in this article are of the author.)

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