Digital technologies likely to see mass adoption in 2021

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Digital technologies likely to see mass adoption in 2021, according to Kunal Bhatt, Practice Head – Automation & Managed Services, CMS IT Services.

Year 2020 forced the business across the globe to go digital, early adapters of digital technologies saw huge benefit of digitalisation in 2020. 2021 is certainly about taking the quantum leap in digital space for adoption, transformation and normalisation of IT operations.

Digital technologies likely to see mass adoption in 2021:

  1. Enterprise conversational chatbots that serve as a uniform platform for internal and externalcustomer, and support integrations with enterprise tools, collaboration suites and social media platforms. This is to ensure a seamless experience is delivered across the ecosystem.

2. Hyperautomation with the AI platform what will be useful for scaling the IT Ops. IT automation architect will play a crucial role in designing the IT strategy and automation adoption, hyperautomation adoption will help in reduction of the cost of IT operations, the adoption help the to reduce complexity in modern hybrid IT environments.

3. Enterprises will be rapidly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud strategies help organisations create a stability by addressing their custom cloud requirements. This span from adopting SaaS applications, while using the legacy on-prem deployments and have a right mix of workloads deployed on public and private clouds to ensure maximum availability of resources to users and customers.

4. Adoption of Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management is picking up as customers are adopting automation to reduce or replace the manual process of resource allocation, system tuning and configurations, data management and mining, service management and systems provisioning.

Today, the want today is to have integrated this platforms and unified automated systems that are aligned with all IT Operations that help address business outcomes.

HDIM helps in monitoring and doing the cross-domain corelation and data analytics for the IT service management (ITSM), Datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) and Cloud management platforms (CMP).

(This article is written by Kunal Bhatt, Practice Head – Automation & Managed Services, CMS IT Services.The views expressed in this article are of the author.)

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