VMware a standalone company after Dell spinout

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VMware once again became a standalone, independent company after it officially parted ways with Dell Technologies on Monday. As a parent company, Dell had held VMware’s 81% ownership which has changed following the spin-off announcement.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), VMware and Dell Technologies finalized the spin-off of Dell’s majority (81%) ownership of VMware.

After six years with Dell, VMware has officially separated, becoming a standalone company – VMware Inc. The separation opens new doors for both companies to work with new partners, technologies and tap new opportunities and customers.

For California headquartered cloud and virtualization major, being standalone has brought flexibility and deeper engagement with cloud and infrastructure companies.

“As a standalone company, we now have the flexibility to partner even more deeply with all cloud and on-premises infrastructure companies to create a better foundation that drives results for our customers,” VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram wrote in an official blog.

“And the increased flexibility we will have to use equity to complete future acquisitions will help us remain competitive,” Raghuram added.

However, CEO Raghuram assured customers that both companies will continue to work closely and will benefit them.

“Rest assured, we expect the benefits of working closely with Dell to be ongoing, as we continue to co-engineer solutions for customers through our new commercial agreement,” Raghuram mentioned in the blog post.

“Our channel synergies, partner and go-to-market programs with Dell remain robust,” he informed.

Further, Raghuram viewed multi-cloud as the digital business model for the next 20 years, with his company at its centre. “Multi-cloud will be the model for digital business for the next 20 years,” he opined

“VMware is at the centre of it: with VMware Cross-Cloud Services, we are empowering our customers to unlock the full potential of multi-cloud,” Raghuram stated.

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