Trend Micro to launch its local data lake in India

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Bangalore: Trend Micro will launch its local data lake next month in India. With this, the cybersecurity solutions provider will have a total of three data lakes for XDR spanning across the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and Australia.

It had launched its first regional XDR data lake in Singapore in August and planned a second data lake in Sydney, Australia; which was slated for October this year.

Trend Micro’s first local XDR data lake in India will be launched in December this year and will be available to its key partners and SOC (Security Operations Centre) solution providers.

The local XDR data lake in India will address concerns over data sovereignty, data protection laws, regulations and security practices. This will help Trend Micro’s enterprise customers, partners and SOC solution providers to enhance their capabilities on the cybersecurity front.

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the two cloud solutions delivery partners for Trend Micro in India, and they are highly likely to play a crucial role in the operationalisation of its local XDR data lake.

What is Trend Micro XDR?
Trend Micro XDR suite is a first of kind cybersecurity suite that offers the most extensive correlated detection going beyond endpoint detection and response (EDR).

What is Data Lake?
A data lake is a central system or repository of data stored in its natural/raw ( structured or unstructured format, usually object blobs or files.

India – a key market for Trend Micro
The rationale behind Trend Micro’s move to launch its local data lake in India has many factors. India is among the top markets for Trend Micro in the Asia-Pacific region, and it remains as a preferred choice for tech investments.

Besides, the large enterprises and SMBs in India, the government sector is among the top buyers of IT whether it be cloud, cybersecurity or a new set of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and others.

According to industry data, the domestic tech market size (excluding hardware) of India touched $28 billion in FY2019. India remains an attractive market for global tech suppliers and vendors. Probably, it’s same even for Trend Micro.

“India is a growing and an important market for us,” said Nilesh Jain, VP – South East Asia and India, Trend Micro. The company in recent years has been strongly focusing on banking, manufacturing and government sectors and has as the major segments for the coming year.

“With digitalisation and the ongoing pandemic, Indian enterprises are rapidly moving to cloud and adopting next-generation technologies and SaaS-based solutions,” added Jain.

Local Data Lake & its benefits
While enterprises and businesses in India are highly concerned with data sovereignty, Jain pointed out that it is not an issue but a big priority for Trend Micro.

“At Trend Micro, we consider this as a big priority and hence have decided to invest in our local data lake for the majority of our critical projects like XDR, Apex One and Cloud App Security solutions,” informed Jain.

Although the company has not disclosed any India related investment details, it has over 1000 customers including large corporates, enterprises and SMBs.

“We opine that enterprises will increasingly choose solutions from vendors who give them assurance on their confidential data not leaving geographical boundaries of the country,” he added.

Further, Jain informed that Trend Micro will be launching a new global offering – file storage security for cloud, which will help to address customers’ requirements.

The Local Data Lake Advantage
From tech investment and business perspective, Trend Micro’s decision to invest in a data lake is quite significant. The data lake will offer a substantial advantage for the company’s customers as well as edge out the competition in India.

Probably, Trend Micro could become the first cybersecurity company to launch its data lake in India.

Since XDR suite‘s official rollout across regions in mid-August this year, the Tokyo exchange-listed company has been focusing on investing and expanding its base of data lakes in different geographies and markets.

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