NetApp technology powers Nova Techset infrastructure and applications to improve publishing services

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Bangalore: Nova Techset Private Limited, a suppliers of prepress services for scientific, technical and medical (STM) and academic publishing said that its technology partner NetApp has helped the company to meet customer demand for anytime anywhere use of applications and enabled seamless data migration.

Nova Techset, a publishing services company with over 45 years of industry experience globally produces more than a million book and journal pages a year and it required the collaboration of teams around the world for content composition to web and print deliverables as well as e-publishing.

With legacy solutions in recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) taking weeks, Nova Techset faced difficulties in accessing storage or backup in case of power outages. Speedy data recovery was crucial, because publishers trusted Nova Techset with critical manuscripts and information.

If the company needed to migrate 1TB out of 10TB of data, they had to wait for the entire 10TB to be restored before the 1TB of data became usable. This process took a lot of time, which meant slow and inefficient performance that impacted the publishing business.

Recognizing the critical need to enhance backup solutions for storage, NetApp’s expertise as a data management authority has helped Nova Techset deploy solutions that:
– Improve speed and accessibility for 800 users to work faster and more efficiently
– Reduced data backup window from a week to a day
– Reduced data recovery time to just two hours

“Our earlier systems presented numerous challenges such as low performance, time lags and file corruption during backup,” said P. Neilakandan, Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure, Nova Techset. “With ONTAP, we have seamlessly migrated to the hybrid cloud, enabling better performance, automated storage and reduced operational overhead. With NetApp, we now have a simplified, cost-effective and efficient data management system that ensures flawless data integrity.”

Deployed in Two Phases

Phase 1. Deployed a NetApp FAS2552 hybrid flash-array system, with a combination of solid-state drives and SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) to improve speed, accessibility and performance. This deployment resulted in more efficient storage and backup processes.

Phase 2. Deployed NetApp ONTAP Cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS), focusing on disaster recovery and seamless data migration. Using direct data migration dramatically reduced the time taken for data recovery for customers. Furthermore, NetApp SnapMirror replicated data every hour, and then the storage systems were configured to transfer data from end to end.

This process led to effective cost management, because the company required a similar volume size at AWS, against the local data center. The system could now create read-only files for use in mock disaster recovery tests, accessible even from remote sites and without any additional charges, making the storage and data management seamless.

“Nova Techset understood the need to migrate to cloud and upgrade legacy systems to drive business value. They were keen to embark on a digital transformation journey with NetApp. As the data authority in a hybrid cloud world, NetApp was able to help Nova Techset with the necessary data access, insight and control,” said Anil Valluri, president, NetApp India & SAARC.

As Nova Techset continues its digital journey and becomes more datacentric, NetApp continues to support its ongoing transformation, giving the company the confidence to move into the future. With Nova Techset, NetApp continues its commitment to help customers change the world with data.

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