Microsoft’s job listings in 2021 are most in India after the US

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Hyderabad: Microsoft’s job listings of 3,700 in India in 2021 is second to the US, surpassing that of China and Canada. Microsoft’s job listings are most in India after the US, according to the GlobalData report.

The Redmond – Washington headquartered company is said to be recruiting staff mainly for its two groups – Capacity Supply Chain and Provisioning (CSCP) and Customer Experience and Success (CEnS). More so, Microsoft executing plans to commission data centres.

According to Global Data, 70% of Microsoft’s jobs listing in India this year were for software and web developers, programmers, and testers, along with architectural and engineering managers.

CSCP group’s role in Microsoft is mainly to support its cloud businesses including Xbox and Azure. Around 30% of job adverts in 2021 listed in India were for the CSCP group to enable cloud manufacturing operations and fulfilment to supply hardware for data centres.

Microsoft’s cloud Azure is one of the areas under the CSCP group that is witnessing the hyper-growth phase, according to the ‘Software Engineering Lead’ role. The company expects to use the latest technologies such as ML and Databricks to build frameworks for Azure capacity planning and management.

“Microsoft’s job postings was on a growth trajectory in Q1 2021 before it started to decline during the second quarter when India witnessed a growing number of COVID-19 caseload. Since July 2021, listings paced up and reached a high of 460 in October 2021,” said Ajay Thalluri, Global Data’s Business Fundamentals Analyst.

“Microsoft’s cloud business is growing at a fast pace and its CSCP group fulfils capacity needs for public clouds, sovereign clouds, and specialized workloads. The company plans to be a top 25 supply chain in the world in the next 3 years,” added Thalluri.

While Microsoft hiring in India appears robust, about 50% of Microsoft’s hires in India are in Hyderabad. Recent hires in the city suggest plans to facilitate the construction of a data centre. Additionally, the company listed multiple roles in India for the cloud operations and innovation team (CO+I) that builds and operates its data centres.

While the company’s cloud business is growing rapidly, it is also planning to roll out multi-million-dollar data centre construction programs. It includes managing the end-to-end commissioning process of the data centres for cloud operations and innovation services in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, especially in India.

This can be indicated from Microsoft’s job listings for two positions – Senior Program Manager (Regional Data centre Commissioning) and Datacentre APAC Delivery Lead in recent months,

A role for ‘Senior Program Manager (Regional Data center Commissioning)’ listed in November 2021 shows plans to streamline and improve the delivery of data centre capacity.

‘Datacentre APAC Delivery Lead’ role suggests Microsoft is ensuring security and technology services across the data centre delivery lifecycle for both greenfield and brownfield portfolios.

In addition, for the CEnS group, Microsoft started listing jobs globally in March this year. However, hiring for such job adverts increased in India particularly in Hyderabad and Bangalore since June this year. A key area of focus is driving stakeholder engagement with its Azure engineering team.

“Going by its expansion plans, Microsoft hires in India could possibly increase. In December 2021, it announced to expand India Development Center (IDC) in Noida to attract talent for cloud teams, among others,” concluded Thalluri.

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