Here’s how Hexaware hones talent to meet business needs

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Mumbai: Hexware, unlike many IT services and tech companies, struggling on the talent front, has come up with a novel talent program ‘Evolve.’

Hexaware‘s ‘Evolve’ program has been designed and built to address critical skills gap in the industry and enables its workforce to be ready for today’s technology needs.

In this new tech era with fast evolving technologies and challenging business scenario, companies are unable to match the demand of workforce with new skills.

The situation has left the tech industry with issue of skills gap. Addressing this issue, Hexaware has conceptualized and designed the Evolve program, which is a next generation talent development framework.

“Evolve’s mission is to enable our employees upgrade their capabilities for the new roles relevant to our customers and services. This program helps our employees stay agile, acquire cutting-edge capabilities and be relevant,” said Senthil Nayagam K, Chief Learning Officer & Head Revenue Assurance – Hexaware.

“It dynamically aids upskilling and upgrading Hexaware’s employees with all capabilities relevant to their aspirational roles and our business demands,” added Nayagam.

According to Hexaware, Evolve is a role-based certification framework, focused on building the full spectrum capabilities required for a target state role, combining all relevant technical and soft skills.

Every employee band has a common foundation role to ensure a strong foundation and multiple target state roles as required by the business today.

Evolve also lays a strong emphasis on assessments to ensure employees are ‘fit’ for the role through four levels of assessment and certification, including hands-on ‘build’ sessions. The skills required for specific client support are covered through a client-specific skill development program.

Hexaware uses a ‘pull’ approach to encourage Learning & Development, allowing employees to choose their aspirational roles and enable career democratization. Evolve has been highly appreciated by the employees for the positive impact it makes on their career enablement and progression.

Hexaware has invested in best-in-class learning platforms, world-class content, virtual labs and solid assessments to enable employee development.

As a testament to Evolve’s innovative framework and the business impact it makes, Hexaware received the ‘Debut of the Year Award’ under the ‘Customers with Outstanding Innovation’ category from a leading provider of Learning Management systems.

Besides Evolve, Hexaware also has other similar programs such as Ignite, Mavericks, and CTaDel (Customer Centric Talent Development Program).

(Image source – Hexaware)

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