Coralogix expands India operations, plans $30 million outlay

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New Delhi: Coralogix has expanded operations in India to provide its customers with local data support and also revealed its investment plans.

Israel based SaaS analytics company has set up its first local AWS regional server support and data storage capabilities in Mumbai.

By localising data, Coralogix will help customers meet compliance requirements for India’s new data privacy laws and dramatically improve service performance.

Coralogix is also rolling out an onsite team to provide comprehensive sales and customer success support to India-based companies. It plans to invest $30 million in India over the next five years.

Coralogix is a ML based log analytics and monitoring solutions provider.

“With today’s strategic move, we are proactively addressing new Indian data privacy laws scheduled to take effect in 2021 by providing Coralogix customers with a solution well ahead of most of our competitors,” said Ariel Assaraf, CEO and co-Founder, Coralogix.

“When the new laws are enacted, we anticipate a profound sense of urgency for companies who fall under domestic compliance rules to store their data locally and avoid being penalized for non-compliance,” added Assaraf.

These new laws will mostly affect cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology companies that collect user data and stand to benefit from today’s expansion announcement.

Several regional brands operating within these industries have already signed on as Coralogix customers including Postman, Jupiter Money, BookMyShow and more.

“Coralogix gives us a highly customizable SIEM solution that addresses the very specific needs of our FinTech environment,” said Jayesh Sidhwani, VP – Engineering, Jupiter Money.

“Our lives got easier – within minutes we started seeing results on the dashboard,” said Pranav Kapoor, DevOps Lead, BookMyShow.

“We’ve integrated the Coralogix webhooks with our Kubernetes deployments to automatically tag new versions as they’re deployed. I love that I can archive logs to an S3 bucket for later retrieval,” added Kapoor.

“We grew to 10 million users and Coralogix has grown along with us,” said Shamsis Bhattacharya, Chief Software Architect, Postman.

“We’ve worked closely together to get the workflows we need as an organization to ensure that the product we deliver meets the quality and value requirements,” added Battacharya.

Coralogix’s team worked closely with their counterparts at Amazon when launching the expansion.

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