BNP Paribas renews IT partnership deal with IBM for its Cloud strategy

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Mumbai: BNP Paribas has further renewed IT partnership pact with IBM for 8 years under which the bank will continue to execute its Cloud strategy leveraging IBM Cloud services and solutions and strengthen the “As a Service” capabilities to improve bank’s digitisation drive.

This move comes in the wake of an existing joint venture between the two companies, BNP Paribas Partners for Innovation (BP21) formed in 2003 allowing the use of IBM technology services and solutions.

BNP Paribas built its first private cloud in 2013 and it will now be integrated with the IBM Cloud hosted in data centers dedicated to the bank. The bank will also strengthen its hybrid cloud on “As a Service” model leveraging IBM solutions offered via its public cloud to support the development of new services, including test and applications environments.

With this, BNP Paribas has decided not to use public cloud for either customer data or production environments with sensitive information to ensure overall data security of customers.

The IBM has been playing a significant role in driving bank’s Cloud approach and improving performance of IT systems as well as enhancing security. And this will help BNP Paribas improve its “Time to Market” of new digital applications and services leveraging new technologies.

BNP Paribas under the signed pact will use IBM Hybrid Cloud solutions to increase its services capabilities via multiple environments, such as Dedicated Cloud, Public Cloud and Private Cloud,and also ensure the reversibility between these different environments. As a result, the bank will able to improve the integration and optimist the workload management between these various cloud infrastructure services.

It has created new banking services and built technologies leveraging IBM solutions and it will contribute immensely in bank’s digitisation drive, enhancing customer services and support of new digital applications.

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