73% IT professionals want to invest up to Rs20,000 a year for upskilling: study

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New Delhi: About 73% of IT professionals are willing to pay Rs 10,000 – 20,000 per year for upskilling, revealed a latest TechGig study.

With new-age skills gaining preference at the technology firms, Indian IT professionals are gearing up to spend on learning the emerging technologies.

TechGig latest survey found that about 87% of respondents are looking to learn or adopt a new software development technology in the Year 2020.

TechGig surveyed 1,057 IT professionals to understand their preference for learning new-age software development technologies. Most respondents (57%) of this survey belonged to the 25-34 age group.

“This is a critical finding because it shows the seriousness of software developers towards staying relevant at work floors,” said Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs & TechGig.

“As the TechGig survey says that most respondents are ready to spend Rs 10,000-20,000 per year for upskilling, this reveals that people are indeed very focussed on learning new tools to grow in their career,” added Goyal.

Other findings of the survey

Python most popular technology that IT professionals want to learn

TechGig survey asked the respondents to name the technology that they would like to learn for software development.

Python emerged as the top choice for learning, with as many as 35% of respondents saying that they would learn the language. This was followed up by Java, as voted by 15% of respondents and C++ as voted by 12% of respondents.

Python preferred for ease of use

In another question, most respondents (26%) said that they already work on Python, in comparison to other languages as Java (voted by 21%), JavaScript (voted by 13%) and SQL (voted by 11%). When asked the reasons for working on Python, most IT professionals (41%) said that it is ‘user-friendly’.

This was followed by other practical reasons such as ‘technological fit’, as stated by 17% of respondents and ‘ease of development and maintenance’ as voted by 13% of respondents.

Technology news sites most preferred medium to know about IT trends

About 56% of respondents said that they read about new tools and technologies regularly to stay updated about new developments, which hints that most technologists are keen on knowing about the trends that are impacting the IT domain.

Answering another question, the respondents said that technology websites sites like TechGig were their most preferred medium to get updates on the IT domain.

About 21% of respondents voted for ‘technology sites’, followed by options as ‘reading tech blogs’ voted by 20% of people and ‘subscribe to tech YouTube channels’ as voted by 15% of respondents.

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