HyLyt is changing the way how information is managed: Rajat Singhania

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HyLyt is changing the way how information is managed. Today data management happens in a linear vertical 2-dimensional structure commonly known as folders and directory. HyLyt is bringing a whole new dimension thus making it a 3-dimensional way of managing data storage by converting it into a matrix,” says Rajat Singhania, Founder – HyLyt by SocioRAC.

HyLyt is enterprise-class collaboration software. It helps teams securely collaborate and improve their productivity with an innovative feature around information manageability. In fact, the US patent office has granted patent rights to the HyLyt app for its unique innovative information manageability feature.

In this interview, HyLyt app Founder Rajat Singhania talks to TechHerald about the granted patent rights and explains how the app helps users with its unique features along with the future roadmap and much more.

Edited excerpts:

Q1. For which technology or functional aspect, the US patent body granted the patent rights to HyLyt? Can you brief us on the tech aspect of this patent and how much time it took in receiving this patent?
Rajat Singhania:
The patent has been granted on two parameters. Our unique ability to interlink data on multiple parameters –ability to interlink data gathered from multiple platforms and to find data on multiple criteria. And secondly, on the entire flow of how the product works enabling users to manage information, interconnect and search it based on multiple criteria.

We had filed a patent application in 2017 and followed a due process with the patent officer enquiry on different concerns. Our legal counsel represented and clarified our uniqueness, proving how we are different from any other existing product or the other references. Thus, each concern was addressed and showed that the HyLyt is a truly unique product having functions and features not currently available on any other existing product.

Moreover, HyLyt is changing the way how information is managed. Today data management happens in a linear vertical 2-dimensional structure commonly known as folders and directory. HyLyt is bringing a whole new dimension thus making it a 3-dimensional way of managing data storage by converting it into a matrix.

There could be 100 pieces of information in 10 folders of 10 different formats interconnected to each other through a single thread called metatag. Each piece of information can have up to 10 such metatags, which is how we make your data 10 times more powerful. This is one of our patented feature giving a significant value-add to people to empower, enrich and make their data way more powerful and efficient.

Q2. What role or function is this patented technology playing in making the HyLyt app a unique tech product in the market and what sort of benefits or advantages it drives for the users?
Rajat Singhania: Today we are living in a digital world driven by data. As users and consumers, we use multiple apps and products which are data-dependent. As a result without realizing we are consuming a lot of data and spending a lot of time managing and staying on top of all this data. There are studies showing that we as users are spending 25% of our time in just saving, searching, organising and managing data. Also, studies indicate that this amount of time wasted by mid-level to senior-level executives.

And our product helps people to save significant time as one can manage and find information easily and instantly. User can save a minimum of 2.5 hours/ week and this can go up to 5 hours/ week. It helps users by having all the information at your fingertips and users are in control of it. With so much information at your disposal, the users can take better decisions which means better business growth. Thus our product can help people in multiple ways such as saving time, saving money, making better decisions all of which lead to better productivity and profitability.

Q3. How big is the tech development team at HyLyt and what’s the future product roadmap?
Rajat Singhania:
A team of 10 people including tech and CTO developed the product after they had done rigorous research to build such a product. We have a defined HyLyt roadmap for this year and would be continuously innovating and adding more features to provide increased value to our users and consumers. Some things planned are AI/ML and voice-based functions. We might look beyond the productivity space too, depends upon the market needs.

Q4. What’s the current base of HyLyt app users?
Rajat Singhania: We are relatively new with 400 regular users which include businesses and this has been increasing every month. We are in talks and hope to close some significant deals by the end of this quarter. Currently, our base is primarily under three verticals – Pharma, Government and Legal.

Q5. What sort of competition and challenges did you face in the productivity/collaboration app space? And which feature in the HyLyt app differentiates it from the rest?
Rajat Singhania: The challenges which we faced were enabling collaboration to increase productivity, distributing multimedia files and changing end-user habits and needs to adopt new tech.

However, COVID-19 saw an interesting change as it created the demand and situation where work from home or remote working became the accepted norm. HyLyt empowers individuals and teams to make better business decisions and work effectively in the face of information overload, by pulling the information that matters, from whatever source, into a single robust repository that is secure, searchable and shareable.

It is the only product that offers a complete 360-degree solution for information management. We integrate and have unified information management with innovative ways for managing the information from unlimited app/ data silos and controlling how this is used by the various stakeholders.

HyLyt password protected chats and the ability to prevent others from sharing and forwarding messages has driven more users to date. Though HyLyt is more concerned with data management in order to enhance its service it connects everything to users email ID so that note-making, sharing and management isn’t a herculean task. HyLyt actually gives a unique way to organise and structure chats using tags to link them.

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