o9 Solutions brings a sustainability solutions suite

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Bangalore: o9 Solutions today announced the launch of a sustainability solutions suite. Since these solutions are embedded in o9’s integrated business planning (IBP) platform, it provides organisations with a closer view of their supply chain.

The platform includes product and enterprise environmental footprint measurement, full traceability, ESG risk management, ESG-enabled business planning, sustainable sourcing and supply chain circularity.

o9’s new sustainability solutions help organisations improve the environmental and social impact KPIs of their supply chains and make truly meaningful progress toward net-zero goals.

Companies having some of the largest and most complex global supply chains can now incorporate international standards-based sustainability metrics, analytics and KPIs into the AI-enabled o9 Digital Brain platform.

This platform runs on its patented Enterprise Knowledge Graph technology used for supply chain modelling. Integrating full-spectrum sustainability data into the o9 platform gives companies the ability to assess their performance to sustainability targets within all planning and operational activities. It also helps to identify and make data-driven decisions around tradeoffs between financial costs, service levels and ESG activities.

According to o9 Solutions’ SVP of Sustainability, Stanton Thomas, a significant portion of a company’s environmental and social impact stems from its supply chain activities.

While there’s a growing number of sustainability-focused software and consulting companies in the market. “Sustainability initiatives are currently managed outside of core enterprise and supply chain planning systems,” said Thomas.

“With our new sustainability solutions embedded in the o9 platform, we are uniquely positioned to combine our powerful value chain modeling technology with a complete data management capability for acquiring, validating, cleansing and harmonizing ESG data from diverse structured and unstructured sources,” stated Thomas.

“Expanding our product portfolio to include capabilities for tracking and managing ESG metrics and KPIs marks an important milestone in o9’s product evolution, and we are excited to help our clients meet their toughest sustainable supply chain challenges,” commented Thomas.

Throughout the last year, o9 completed many sustainability solution proofs of concepts with clients across a wide range of industries, as well as initiated the co-development of a new CO2 emissions tracking capability with a leading manufacturer.

The solutions’ launch arrives at a pivotal point in time with companies facing mounting pressure from their stakeholders to reduce their negative environmental and social impacts, as well as recent regulatory actions in Europe, Asia and the U.S. that could result in barriers to key markets or significant fines, if violated.

It also marks an important next step in o9’s commitment to helping large organisations transform their costly, complex and resource-intensive supply chains into efficient and sustainable operating models.

It is this mission that drove Generation Investment Management, General Atlantic and its BeyondNetZero venture to join KKR in investing $295 million in o9 to accelerate the adoption of its game-changing platform by large enterprises across a wide variety of industries and verticals.

“Technology is needed to support supply chain leaders in their efforts to set sustainability goals not only to protect brand reputation but also to reduce their vulnerability to future supply chain disruptions. Related to climate change, taxes levied on carbon emissions and other ESG regulation implications,” said Igor Rikalo, President and COO of o9 Solutions.

“At o9, we understand the deeply interconnected nature of sustainability, optimal supply chain performance and technology. We are excited to open the o9 platform up to a rapidly growing market for ESG solutions and most importantly, fulfill our mission of helping the world’s largest organisations create environmentally and socially sustainable supply chains that will benefit all of humanity,” added Rikalo.

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