Zoho One powers over 40,000 organisations

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Chennai: Zoho Corporation introduced six new apps, three new services and seven major platform enhancements in Zoho One – its operating system (OS) for business.

In 2021, the customer growth of Zoho One was 60% Y-o-Y globally and 104% in India, which is Zoho’s second-largest market. The new release empowers businesses to solve disjointed data challenges and close communications gaps across silos. So organisations can become more productive, adapt more quickly to remote and hybrid work models, and become poised for growth.

Over 40,000 organisations trust Zoho One as their operating system, according to the tech company.

“The experience that employees, customers, partners, and suppliers get when dealing with businesses is typically a reflection of how that business and its systems are structured internally. Today, the majority of systems are disconnected as a result of siloed solutions offered by vendors,” said Praval Singh, VP – Zoho Corp.

“Unification of a business requires a unification of the underlying systems, which can then provide a truly unified experience, internally and externally, along with unified insights. Zoho One was created with this vision and keeps expanding its unbeatable value with new additions and improvements year over year,” added Singh.

The OS aims to resolve operational, digitization, and retention challenges that businesses encounter. The latest additions are designed to support a hybrid work model and experience that would enable businesses to scale even in unpredictable times while allowing easy customization and personalisation of workplaces to enhance the user experience.

They are packed with services that bolster collaborative productivity, employee experience, and introduce applications that bridge the distance between employees, employers, and teams, in turn preparing businesses for the future.

Additionally, innovations like embedded and conversational BI, DataPrep, Work Graph and Enterprise Search allow users to predict and provide unified, real-time insights from across different departments, enabling confident decision-making.

Work Graph, Org Directory, and Mobile Application Management (MAM) are the three new services included in the OS.

While the six new apps included in OS are Zoho Learn, Zoho Lens, TeamInbox, Zoho DataPrep, Zoho Commerce, and Zoho Payroll.

In terms of enhancements to the OS includes Embedded and Conversational BI; Enterprise Search; Unified Console, Dashboards and Smart-Stack UI; Customizable Dashboard with pre-built widgets, and integration with telephony providers.

It also offers a deep ecosystem that extends and integrates, including a comprehensive platform for developers and business users to create, extend, and integrate. The platform includes a newly-released no-code tool, Canvas, low-code tool, Zoho Creator, and pro-code platform, Catalyst.

It is a subscription-based offering and pricing starts at ₹1800 per employee.

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