Zoho launch next-gen operating system Zoho One for businesses

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Chennai: Zoho has unveiled the next-gen of operating system Zoho One for businesses that is designed to run across all functions in the entire organization on a unified technology platform.

Zoho One now boasts a new business workflow management application. It lets customers effortlessly create, manage, and optimize their business processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Since its launch in 2017, Zoho One has seen considerable growth and now serves more than 20,000 customers. With three new services added to the OS, one new application tying together every corner of business operations, and several updates, Zoho One continues to pack unmatched value.

Approximately 25% of Zoho One customers use more than 25 applications on the platform and more than 50% utilize 16 or more applications; this demonstrates that businesses are embracing the benefits of an all-in-one solution.

Zoho One’s momentum is evidence of a major shift in customer expectation and rejection of complexity in favor of easy-to-use, all-in-one platforms that deliver immense value.

“With Zoho One, we want to change all of that. It’s a technology platform to run your entire business with a trustworthy vendor that is easy to do business with. With Zoho One, you are not just licensing technology. You are licensing peace of mind,” said Rajendran Dandapani, Zoho’s Director of Technology.

The new operating system offers services like communications, single sign-on, app management and provisioning and more.

● PhoneBridge, Zoho’s telephony platform, which integrates over 50 telephony vendors on one side and several Zoho applications on the other side, is now available within Zoho One.
● PhoneBridge integration enables telephony in Zoho apps like CRM and Recruit. It allows customers to make calls from Zoho apps, and provides contextual information on incoming calls. Enabling PhoneBridge will give users context for all incoming calls from Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Mail, and 20+ other apps.

Single Sign-on
● The new Single Sign-On (SSO) service from Zoho One allows customers to integrate any third-party applications onto their Zoho account. Zoho Single Sign-On now supports around 50 third-party applications and is growing every day.
● Not only does Single Sign-On make it more convenient to manage both Zoho and third-party applications, but because Zoho’s SSO works with third-party systems like Active Directory, it also makes it scalable for mid-to-large sized businesses.
● Zoho One admins can now enforce YubiKey authentication as an added factor for increased security, on top of existing multi-factor authentications already supported.

App Management and Provisioning
● Zoho One currently enables provisioning for all 45+ Zoho apps. This is now being extended to custom apps created through Zoho Creator as well as external apps available through Zoho Marketplace.
● Zoho, third-party, custom, and SSO apps can be provisioned either individually to users or for groups using custom criteria.
● Zoho One’s new Admin Panel with dashboards and reports allows admins to monitor user activity and app usage, enabling them to find and manage underutilized resources. Admins also get extensive reports on user management, sign-in activity, app usage and account security.

Business Workflow Management Orchestly
● With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Orchestly enables managers to define processes effortlessly without having to code.
● Using Orchestly, managers and administrators can automate and run their regular workflows, including cross-departmental ones such as purchase approvals, content publishing, asset management, and onboarding.
● In the case of a new employee, the recruitment, interview, offer submission, and onboarding are handled across the recruiting department, HR department, legal department, and the team the applicant is joining. Even though so many departments and applications are involved in this process, Orchestly is able to cut across these various teams and applications to create comprehensive workflows and automate complex processes.
● Onboarding a new employee involves multiple departments, each potentially with their own workflows. Orchestly is able to manage and automate a process that bridges each of those departments and their workflows.

Zoho Sign
● The enhanced Zoho Sign now provides an additional level of verification for customers by adopting blockchain-based timestamping through Ethereum, the globally accepted open-source platform.
● Whenever a document is signed using Zoho Sign, an Ethereum transaction will happen in the background, to which the hash of the signed document will be added to the transaction notes.

Pricing for Zoho One is ₹1,500 per employee or ₹3,000 per user. In a world where vendors are nickel-and-diming customers, every new feature, service and product mentioned in this press release is included in Zoho One for free.

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