Zaggle ties with Perfios to enter credit card issuance biz

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Mumbai: Zaggle, a SaaS-based fintech company in the spend management space has partnered with Perfios Software Solutions. Through this partnership, Zaggle intends to expand into the credit card issuance business by leveraging Perfios Credit Gateway (PCG) platform.

Perfios Credit Gateway (PCG) is a plug-and-play technology platform that connects lenders with customer originating/loan originators/marketplaces/vertical aggregators partners for various lending use cases without the need for expensive technology investments, reducing the go-to-market to 2 weeks.

PCG is Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN) compliant and provides a white labelled light touch integration with various end-to-end lending integration covering both SME and retail segments.

This strategic partnership will ensure a safe and secure consent-based framework for Zaggle’s customers. PCG will facilitate onboarding and lifecycle management for Zaggle’s customers. The platform covers the complete lifecycle to digitally verify, underwrite and conduct customer KYC.

For Zaggle, PCG will support card issuance across all leading networks in the country and will also support lending products across channels.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Perfios, as it will help us build a highly scalable and credit card business that will further add to our existing portfolio of SaaS fintech products that currently cater to corporates and SME client,” said Avinash Ramesh Godkhindi, MD and CEO of Zaggle, founded in 2011.

“We believe that the partnership will enable secure and seamless processes leading to customer delight and faster decisions. Zaggle will leverage its spend management software and experience in managing large-scale cards business to provide credit card propositions to its B2B and B2B2C consumers,” added Godkhindi.

“We are excited to partner with Zaggle. Perfios has been in the Indian SaaS based community empowering the digital onboarding and credit issuance platform that Zaggle aims to build,” said Ramgopal Subramani, CSO and Founding Team member, Perfios.

“At Perfios, we understand the technology and operations challenges faced by the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance [BFSI] incumbents and have built solutions to obviate those, PCG abstracts the complexities involved in Zaggle’s integration with multiple lenders and card issuers for multiple products across multiple internal systems,” added Subramani.

Both Zaggle and Perfios aim to provide user onboarding journeys that are self-serviced and assisted, both in online and offline modes. This would be further supplemented by gamification, customized partner offers corporate dashboards and expense management enablement among other features.

Zaggle will offer a rewarding loyalty program, that includes accelerated milestone rewards, air miles and other exciting offers, and discounts on its platform.

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