Wipro to launch 5G edge services solutions suite

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New Jersey, USA – Bangalore, India: Wipro will launch 5G edge services solutions suite, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Wipro’s 5G ed ge services solutions suite built with IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Edge Application Manager, will engage with clients to implement the Universal Edge solutions suite that leverages 5G network capabilities.

The 5G edge services solutions suite is designed and developed on Wipro’s existing BoundaryLess Enterprise – Universal Edge portfolio. The edge-compute-enabled offering allows communications service providers and mobile tower operators to deploy their applications into dispersed edge devices.

The advanced artificial intelligence and cloud-based services address the challenges of edge computing. It provides real-time visibility and data insights that help enable holistic management of edge infrastructure for mission critical applications in manufacturing, transport, healthcare, oil & gas and retail industries among others.

With this solution, Wipro customers can have better data control, reduced costs, faster insights and actions, and more automated, secured operations. A key module of the solution, primarily for the telecom ecosystem, provides a complete application suite to enable a secured gig economy around 5G-related services.

Wipro is joining the IBM Edge Ecosystem to help partners implement open standards-based cloud-native solutions that can be deployed and autonomously manage edge applications at large scale.

The combined solutions of Wipro and IBM is expected to address a range of concerns. That includes deployment and management of globally distributed services on devices, private edges and telecom operator’s Multi Access Edges.

The 5G edge services solutions suite integrates various edge computing solutions from IBM. The two companies recently announced a collaboration to develop hybrid cloud offerings to help businesses migrate, manage and transform mission-critical workloads across public or private cloud and on-premises IT environments.

Wipro IBM Novus Lounge launched recently has been designed to accelerate client innovation and bring such industry-ready solutions from public and private clouds to the edge.

“The convergence of 5G and edge computing is set to spark new levels of innovation, and this, in turn, will fuel a broad ecosystem of providers to co-create for a growing set of edge opportunities,” said Evaristus Mainsah, GM – Cloud, Cloud Pak and Edge Ecosystem, IBM.

“We are excited about the value that Wipro can bring to their clients that require Universal Edge solutions to help extend their enterprise to compute at the edge,” said Mainsah.

“Our strong telecommunication domain capabilities coupled with leadership in cloud & infrastructure lifecycle and investment in the Wipro IBM Novus Lounge equips us well to deliver these industry-specific solutions,” said K.R. Sanjiv, CTO – Wipro.

“We are confident that this will enable efficient deployment and management of infrastructure with 5G and Edge for our customers in the telecommunications, manufacturing, oil & gas and retail industries,” added Sanjiv.

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