Wipro launch Cisco Business Unit to mark 25 years of ties

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New Jersey, USA – Bangalore, India: Wipro is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its business ties with Cisco. To mark this milestone, Wipro is launching the Cisco Business Unit. The new unit will focus on the development and adoption of end-to-end digital transformation solutions leveraging Cisco technologies for customers.

With the new Cisco Business Unit, Wipro has expressed its commitment to the long-standing business relationship with Cisco. It called it a growth accelerator for the successful and well-established 360-degree partnership of several years.

Over the course of 25 years, Wipro has focused on delivering its transformative service capabilities across Digital, Cloud, Security, and Engineering, which are aligned with Cisco’s operational priorities.

The synergy of this partnership has made Wipro one of the most preferred digital transformation partners for customers across the globe. Wipro, a gold-certified Cisco partner, is among the top 10 GSI partners of Cisco.

The Cisco Business Unit will provide a full stack of industry offerings aligned to customers’ needs. Key solutions and digital accelerators include Intent-Based Networking, Digital Workplace Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud, Application Transformation, Security and Enterprise 5G.

As a key partner, Wipro has consistently innovated its business model by leveraging its diverse Cisco capabilities to deliver end-to-end digital solutions that enable customers’ business outcomes, according to Oliver Tuszik, SVP – Global Strategic Partner Organisation, Cisco.

“Wipro has also pioneered the adoption of Cisco’s critical software and digital solutions—not just for its global customers’ usage but to enhance its internal IT architecture as well,” said Tuszik

“The launch of Wipro’s Cisco Business Unit will ensure that the best of Cisco and Wipro are available to our customers through innovative joint solutions and consumption-based business models,” added Tuszik.

“Our strategic partnership with Cisco is built on a strong foundation of mutual trust, governance and joint investments in next-generation industry solutions. The Cisco Business Unit, is a step forward in our relationship with Cisco,” said Kiran Desai, SVP and Global Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro.

Wipro’s Cisco Business Unit will help customers adopt digitization, improve time to market, drive customer experience and realize business benefits by rapidly bringing down operational costs. The new unit has a competitive workforce trained through Cisco professional certifications.

By committing its best resources through this dedicated business unit, Wipro will ensure the success of Cisco’s strategic programs. Wipro and Cisco have also invested in innovation centres and labs across all major geographies to develop solution use-cases and deliver projects for customers.

“Our 25 years of partnership with Cisco is a testimony to Wipro’s ability to keep pace with changes in the business and technology worlds, and the launch of the Cisco Business Unit reinforces that proficiency,” said Srini Pallia, CEO – Americas, Wipro.

“With a focus on driving go-to-market in all our major strategic geographies, Wipro will invest in developing end-to-end platform-as-a-service solutions utilizing the full-stack of Cisco’s industry-leading technologies to accelerate the digital journey of our customers from planning to execution” added Pallia.

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