Ulaa – the privacy-centred browser from Zoho

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Chennai: Zoho Corporation has launched Ulaa – the privacy-centred browser. It’s built with a specific task to secure personal data with pre-built capabilities that universally block tracking and website surveillance, the company said.

Ulaa – the privacy-centred browser has features that allow for privacy customisation, built-in user profile modes, integrated productivity tools and also sync browsing sessions between devices. Users can sync either an entire browser window or a singular tab to use on multiple devices for the same browsing session seamlessly.

“Not many browsers on the market today are built to protect user privacy. They were created to protect respective company’s ad-based business models and surveillance companies that complement them, which runs counter to protecting users. This conflict between user’s preferences and browser’s business models means end users lose,” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Co-founder of Zoho Corporation.

“With Ulaa, users don’t have to compromise their privacy to browse the web, which unfortunately has become a surveillance minefield. Zoho’s commitment to privacy and our privacy-centric business model allows us to offer a conflict-free, privacy-centric browser to those who value their own privacy and their kids’ privacy,” added Vembu.

According to a report, 92% of Indian internet users are concerned about online privacy, wherein 85% felt that Internet companies have been part of the problem. India had more than 700 million active internet users as of December 2022, and it is expected to reach 900 million by 2025.

As the internet user base increases so will privacy threat vectors and Ulaa protects users against tracking and surveillance and is rooted concerns, the company said.

In terms of privacy, Ulaa, unlike the existing browsers, doesn’t track, share or send feed data back to the software provider and that user data is bought by companies or third parties.

DNS Prefetching is prohibited in Ulaa, so data cannot be cached, nor motion sensors can track mouse movement and clicks. Ad and data tracking blockers in Ulaa prevent unauthorised push notifications, pop-ups, and time tracking. Thereby protecting users against targeted advertising, identity theft, and other forms of online tracking and surveillance.

Ulaa also disables the API that allows websites to connect and communicate with devices connected to the computer or Wi-Fi network. Typically, browser IDs can be used to track users even after they have signed out of the browser. Therefore, Ulaa has a multi-ID model, which is frequently refreshed, making it impossible to correlate a signed-in user to a browsing session; it adds an extra layer of protection from tracking software.

Users can enable auto-reset on every startup for further protection. Additionally, Ulaa offers privacy customisations, anonymised user data and stats, geographical data isolation, end-to-end encryption, and privacy reports.

“Ulaa is a privacy- and human-first browser that prioritises the sanctity of a user’s data over its capture and monetisation. Loaded with built-in features, Ulaa is a formidable new entry that should be of great interest to all privacy- and productivity-minded consumers and business users,” said Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst – The Experience Report.

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