Topcoder brings TaaS on-demand workforce model

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Houston, USA: Topcoder, a Wipro company has unveiled its Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) model in Houstan, USA.

During the 2019 Topcoder Open and Innovation Summit here TaaS was unveiled. It is an innovative open workforce model that provides highly skilled technology talent on-demand. It helps enterprise teams to scale quickly with proven resources from anywhere in the world.

“63 percent of respondents indicated that talent shortage was a key concern for their organization,” according to Gartner‘s Emerging Risks Survey 4Q18, January 2019.

Topcoder addresses that market and staffing need with TaaS, a fast, scalable, outcome-based workforce model that allows companies to increase productivity, quality and efficiency.

“There’s talk of a skills gap driving an apparent talent shortage, but at Topcoder we don’t believe that’s the reason companies struggle to find and hire the most qualified technologists,” said Michael P. Morris, Global Head – Crowdsourcing, Wipro Limited.

“There’s really no war for talent, but more of a ‘persistent blind spot’ in innovative technology talent acquisition. Highly skilled technologists from around the world have never been more accessible. The key is figuring out how to find, attract and connect that talent with companies that need them most, and then creating project opportunities too attractive to be dismissed, as well as loyalty programs that keep them coming back,” added Morris.

ConsenSys, a global blockchain technology company leveraging TaaS for more than 50 successful projects within the past year. In addition, ConsenSys has gained access to highly skilled financial services technologists within the Topcoder Community who actively focus on its specific deliverables.

“Working with Topcoder and the Topcoder Community was fantastic: we got access to proven resources from around the world that there’s no way we could have found otherwise,” said Tom Lindeman, Co-founder, ConsenSys Diligence | MythX.

“We also saw that certain Topcoder members were financial services experts, so they started to deliver projects very quickly. With Topcoder, the velocity of work is really fast, we’re talking days not weeks, and it’s done with an incredibly high quality,” added Lindeman.

The Topcoder Community was inspired by and excited for the project opportunities presented by ConsenSys. The Topcoder Blockchain Community grew by more than 14,000 members within 12 months, which meant there were even more qualified resources for ConsenSys to leverage.

“The initial reason we chose to work with Topcoder was because our project was, essentially, a v1: while we were building up the team, we still needed to get work done,” continued Lindeman.

“Talent-as-a-Service from Topcoder allowed us to benefit from on-demand, globally based technologists with specialized skillsets to be a go-to workforce to get the project off the ground as we were growing,” he explained.

“Furthermore, the Topcoder Community demonstrated a shared sense of ownership where they truly cared about the success of the products and would proactively offer input on how to make things better. The Topcoder Community really felt like an integrated part of ConsenSys’ team,” concluded Lindeman.

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