Tezos India and Buidlers Tribe to enable more decentralised apps

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Mumbai: Blockchain adoption studio Tezos India and Buidlers Tribe, a Web 3.0 native incubator have joined hands to enable the creation of more decentralised applications on the Tezos blockchain. The partnership-led program will give Tezos India greater exposure and increase the number of projects and startups that apply for the EGG programme.

The Tezos EGG programme includes mentorship and insights from the Tezos India team. Along with integration and technology support, go-to-market support, cross-connection with Tezos ecosystem projects, access to the Tezos community, ecosystem support from Tezos India and Buidlers Tribe and introduction to VCs (for mature projects).

The Web3.0 native incubator Buidlers Tribe collaborates with various Web3 founders, startups, investors, and businesses to build new companies. It is one of the most recognised names in the Indian Web3 industry, supported by investors such as Sequoia India, Eximius VC, Coinbase Ventures, etc. There is also an aggregator for grant and incubator opportunities. Additionally, they have alliances with AWS, Biconomy, Hypersign and more.

The programme will take advantage of India’s enormous potential as a developer nation and its rapidly expanding Web 3.0 ecosystem.

For instance, Tezos will likely see an increase in applications for decentralised finance (DeFi) initiatives, making it possible for individuals in developing nations to participate in the global financial system without using conventional financial institutions.

Projects that are focusing on various use cases of NFTs, blockchain infrastructure, and Web3 gaming can also apply. This could result in more high-quality Web3 games or NFT use cases, such as ticketing, NFT collectables, communication applications, creator tokenisation, crowdfunding, decentralised finance, gaming and more. The EGG programme supports such use cases and more.

“We are delighted to be working with Buidlers Tribe to empower the upcoming generation of Web3 builders and entrepreneurs and to give them access to a worldwide platform for their projects. We look forward to working together to promote the growth of decentralised technology in India,” said Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth Tezos India.

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