TeamViewer Meeting gets integrated into all client apps

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New Delhi: TeamViewer Meeting integrated now into TeamViewer’s all client apps across mobile devices and desktops.

The Goppingen, Germany based software company said that the integration of its virtual meeting into all the client apps across the products allows one-click meetings right from the existing TeamViewer application.

The latest move reflects the virtual meeting trend that has become the latest feature offering among most of remote communication and collaboration solution providers.

Cisco Webex, Google Meeting, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Face Messenger and many others offer virtual meeting feature for free to its users but it comes with a cap on the number of users that can join a virtual meeting.

Most allow up to four or five users to participate in a virtual meeting however they offer different paid plans for enterprise customers depending on the number of participants.

Likewise, TeamViewer’s latest integration offers participation up to five users, however, a paid customer can opt for additional pricing plans to host 10, 50, 100 or 300 participants in the virtual meetings.

Users will require to update their TeamViewer application in order to use the virtual meeting feature.

Virtual meeting software has become a quintessential and extremely popular tool since early last year in the wake of Covid-19. The demand for a secure and encrypted virtual meeting or virtual conferencing app has witnessed significant growth and usage.

The integration will certainly offer an added advantage to the company and its users against its competitors in the enterprise segment.

“Due to the global need of reliable, secure digital communication and online meeting capabilities, we have committed to provide every TeamViewer user with an easy-to-use meeting functionality right in their TeamViewer client,” said Christoph Schneider, Director – Product Management, TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Meeting, erstwhile, Blizz – a virtual meeting application is now part of the company’s product portfolio and has been added to all TeamViewer client apps.

This integration offers Teamview users the benefits of a secure video conference and online meeting through encryption capabilities.

TeamViewer is a European software company and the region has strict data protection and privacy policy under the GDPR law. Given this fact, Schneider added that there is an increasing demand for end-to-end encrypted video conferencing and screen sharing solutions.

The integration, according to the company is fully compatible with its stand-alone meeting product. This enables end-to-end encrypted VoIP meetings via the TeamViewer Meeting iOS or Android app on mobile devices.

Some of the features include instant meetings with contact-list users, HD-quality video, 4k multi-monitor-screen sharing, an Outlook integration and recordings of meetings. Also, password protection offers the possibility to lock and protect meetings to further increase privacy.

For subscribers, TeamViewer Meeting also offers phone dial-in numbers which can be enabled or disabled by the host.

“TeamViewer Meeting’s integration into TeamViewer client is in line with our aim of providing horizontal connectivity solutions to digitalise workplace processes and to enable endless use cases,” Christoph Schneider explains the strategic rationale.

(Image credit – TeamViewer)

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