Smarten Spaces brings contactless solution Jumpree WorkSafe for workplaces

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Bangalore: Smarten Spaces, a Singapore based PropTech startup has launched its contactless solution ‘Jumpree WorkSafe’ for workplaces.

Jumpree WorkSafe is a tech solution to make workplaces ready for employees coming back to work. It was developed in response to the urgent demand and need for workplace readiness amid the global COVID-19 crisis, to ensure employee safety and optimise seat management.

With the solution, businesses will be able to implement a simple 10-step response plan to adapt to the new normal. With its short deployment time, the contactless solution will allow businesses to re-open safely, ensure business continuity and strengthen workplace compliance.

Currently, Jumpree WorkSafe is being deployed across over 30 buildings in India, UK, China, US, Australia and Singapore, for both enterprises and commercial real estate.

Through a single app, Jumpree WorkSafe will ensure every employee, tenant or visitor is pre-screened for travel and health, tracking every entry and exit along with temperature readings.

Other features include social distancing measures at dining areas, monitoring and managing the provision of critical supplies and resources, as well as improving communication with employees working remotely and in the workplace.

“The top priority for businesses is to bring their employees back to work safely and manage their spaces effectively. Apart from safety elements, employees can book sanitised workstations and have visibility on when meeting rooms have been cleaned,” said Dinesh Malkani, CEO – Smarten Spaces.

“At the same time, workforce distribution, seat and space allocation need to come together while factoring in all the new laws around social distancing,” added Malkani.

“Jumpree WorkSafe and our 10-Step Response Plan helps workplaces ensure all the required precautions are in place. This makes us one of the world’s first end-to-end AI platform to disrupt a $19.9 billion smart space industry,” pointed out the former Cisco India CEO.

Smarten Spaces has globally launched Jumpree WorkSafe solution and is being deployed via its partner network.

Phoenix Group, a prominent real estate company recently adopted Jumpree WorkSafe at one of their campuses.

“As we notice contactless processes and safe distancing measures becoming the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confident that the features of Jumpree WorkSafe will bring enormous ease and efficiency,” said Joe King, Group CEO – Phoenix.

(Image source – Smarten Spaces)

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