Simpliance Technologies launches asset management tool for enterprises

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Bangalore: Simpliance Technologies, India’s largest integrated digital GRC platform has launched its asset management tool for enterprises looking to drive digital transformation in the GRC space.

About 614 blue-chip companies in India use one of the various GRC solutions that Simpliance provides.

Simpliance, a subsidiary of Quess Corp is the first company to catalogue and freely provide 70,000 pages of curated labour laws, will now provide organizations with accurate tracking of assets through this digital offering.

The software is designed to manage the lifecycle of company assets right from commissioning, usage, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) to de-commissioning. It also helps organisations give a instantaneous view of the effectiveness of the assets on a real-time basis.

The software holds all asset information within the user’s reach, provides whereabouts of organisation’s assets at all times, tracks the machine, hardware, and software in one go and reviews asset demands at a glance and helps customers in the decision making the process.

The QR-code based app allows the user to add features like user profiles, customize asset reports based on departments, attach screenshots, and more. The app is built on a low-code platform, so the user can make any change with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting.

It also benefits businesses with inventory allocation, supplier information management, contract management, multi-site inventory management, inventory transfers and substitutions.

“We at Simpliance aim to provide organizations with a simple and effective tool to manage its ecosystem of governance, risk and end-to-end compliance. Our Asset Management tool helps the organizations to take adequate steps to track their inventory,” said Anil Prem D’Souza, Founder and CEO, Simpliance Technologies.

“The robust application and its mobile app are used to conduct recurring audits, track AMC records and performance of asset managers engineers,” added D’Souza.

“The uniqueness of the tool is that it’s available both on-premise and as a Software-a-a-Service (SaaS) model. It can be accessed via desktop, laptop and as an app on mobile and tablet, with ease. A distinct feature of this tool is the Offline Mode, which helps the user to access it in case of internet unavailability,” he further added.

The Asset Management tool includes features like – Integrated QR Code, Bar Code Scanning and RFID, Equipment Performance Audit, Regular AMC, Breakdown Maintenance, Vendor Evaluation, Asset Tracking, Integration incident and Query Management among others. Also, its built-in Geo Tagging helps users find a wide variety of location-specific information.

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