Sify offers NVIDIA DGX-ready DC colocation services

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Chennai: NASDAQ-listed Indian ICT solutions provider Sify becomes the first NVIDIA DGX- ready data centre colocation provider in India. With these new capabilities, Sify offers NVIDIA DGX- ready data centre colocation services with an expanded portfolio of NVIDIA DGX systems hosting services.

Sify said it has been recognised as an NVIDIA DGX-Ready data centre colocation provider. This makes Sify the first colocation provider in India to offer customers the option to host NVIDIA DGX A100 systems

NVIDIA DGX is a platform purpose-built for enterprise AI and the universal system for all AI workloads – from analytics to training to inference. It sets a new bar for compute density, performance and scale, replacing legacy compute infrastructure with a single, unified system that can do it all.
Each DGX A100 system runs on NVIDIA Base Command software and it features eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs. These GPUs can be combined to run the largest jobs or divided into as many as 56 separate, fully isolated instances with dedicated high-bandwidth memory, cache and compute cores. The combination of dense compute power and complete workload flexibility makes DGX systems ideal for both single-node deployments and large-scale clusters.

With DGX systems, Sify will be able to provide its customers with high-compute density, measurable performance and flexible infrastructure on many footprints across either private cloud deployments or colocation. Enterprises will benefit from AI-powered insights, effective return on investment in AI infrastructure and scalable AI clusters for their data centres to ensure a quality customer experience.

Sify will offer data centres where customers can host NVIDIA DGX A100 systems for private cloud deployments. This includes NVIDIA DGX A100 platforms, NVIDIA AI and data science enterprise software and software development kits.

“Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are transforming every industry. NVIDIA offers industry-leading compute density and performance, which provides Sify a unique advantage to offer complete NVIDIA DGX-powered colocation along with NVIDIA’s leading enterprise AI and data science software,” said Tirthankar Mitra, CEO (West) of Sify Technologies.

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