SG Analytics opens its new office in London

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New Delhi: SG Analytics opens its new office in London. The new office located in Berkeley Square Park, London, is part of its global growth strategy and scale-up efforts.

SC Analytics opens its new office in London
Set in the heart of London’s business activities, SG Analytics’ new office in Berkley House will assist with the company’s growth in 2022 and beyond. It provides more space to meet with clients and partners, expands the company’s presence in the UK, and enhances collaboration opportunities serving the diverse needs of businesses.

Earlier this year, Simran Wadhwa, one of the four partners at SG Analytics, moved to the UK to expand operations and enable deeper penetration in the region. She was instrumental in opening the company’s New York office, a few years ago.

Wadhwa, who has been part of the company since its inception in 2007, played a key pivotal role in growing the business across the US and the UK. In her current role, Wadhwa is leading the company’s growth in the Europe region across data modernisation and ESG service lines and continues to manage its strategic accounts across the line of multiple businesses.

“Our business continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the UK and Europe’s growth remains a part of our long-term strategy. There’s no one better equipped to lead these growth initiatives other than Simran. And opening a new office in Berkley Square is a fantastic plus in continuation of SG Analytics’ global expansion plans,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO of SG Analytics.

“I am excited about our new office at Berkley Square House. It is at the heart of business activities. Our proximity to global organisations will certainly help us strengthen our relationships and find solutions to their business problems,” said Wadhwa.

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