Samsung Cloud service nearing an end of life

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The South Korean electronics and tech giant Samsung is ending its Samsung Cloud service today. Samsung is shutting down its Samsung Cloud service on July 31, 2021.

Paid subscriptions of Samsung Cloud service
Samsung will automatically cancel users’ paid subscription plans for the Samsung Cloud service from August 1, 2021. The company may refund these users in lieu of cancelled subscription plans.

The move is part of Samsung’s plan to terminate its cloud service revealed early this year. The company initially had planned to shut its cloud service from March 31, 2021. But changed its decision and extended the service closure further by three months.

The company has planned the termination of Samsung Cloud service in a phased manner globally. It has divided the users globally into two groups of nations and regions with different termination schedules.

The Group1 user deadline is July 31, 2021
The Group 1 countries and regions include Australia, Europe, UK, the Baltic, the USA, Vietnam and South Korea. For users in Group 1, the company is shutting the Samsung Cloud service on July 31, 2021.

Group 1 users can access Samsung’s Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My File features till September 30 2021. Thereafter these features will have no support from the Samsung Cloud service and users will lose their data.

However, Microsoft Drive will now extend support for Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files features, according to Samsung.

The Group 2 users’ deadline is November 30, 2021
The Group 2 countries and regions include Asia, Africa, the Russian Federation, Caribbeans and Pacific Islands, South and North America. For Group 2 users, the company has set November 30, 2021, as the deadline.

Group 2 users can migrate their data and files in the next three months or else will lose their data. However, other features such as backing up/ syncing and restoring other data ( such as Contacts, Calendars and Notes) will available to users.

Apple and Google too
This is not for the time that any company is discontinuing or changed its cloud service plans for users. For instance, Google separated its cloud-based photo storage service Google Photos from Google Drive a few months ago.

After separating Google Photos from Google Drive, Google discontinued the unlimited data storage service for Photos.

With that, Google introduced a 15 GB photo storage for Google Photos instead of unlimited storage. Post the free-15 GB storage usage, the user can sign up for paid plans to increase its storage and store more photos.

Likewise, Apple will shut down the iCloud Documents and Data service in May 2022 and replace the legacy cloud storage service with iCloud Drive.

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