SailPoint closes ERP Maestro acquisition

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Austin, USA: SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. has announced the completion of its acquisition of ERP Maestro, an early-stage SaaS governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution.

With this acquisition, SailPoint unites identity security with separation of duties (SoD) access controls monitoring for an organisation’s most critical applications, like SAP.

This integrated approach addresses the growing risk of over-permissioned, excessive or conflicting access to business-critical systems and the sensitive financial, business and operational data within.

“ERP Maestro brings an experienced team with a rich heritage in ERP-focused audit and compliance. Coupled with a SaaS access control solution that will help us to extend identity security to wrap in SoD monitoring and access controls for our customers’ most critical systems, including SAP and others,” said Grady Summers, SailPoint’s EVP of Products.

“Tapping their deep domain expertise combined with our comprehensive approach to managing and securing workforce access across all critical business systems and applications made for a natural pairing and we’re excited to deliver quick value to our customers in the months ahead,” added Summers.

Once ERP Maestro is integrated into SailPoint’s Identity Platform, customers will be able to provide stronger access security controls and audit for SAP and other business-critical systems. This will help organisations to minimize risk by analyzing logical access and checking for potential SoD conflicts before user access is granted.

This integrated approach will give SailPoint customers a single view into the entirety of a workers’ access needs across all applications and data, helping to quickly spot and stop potentially conflicting access, particularly within these high-value business systems.

“Our cloud-first approach to GRC and access controls was a paradigm shift when first introduced to the market. Now it is the expectation. We are pleased and proud to become a part of the SailPoint brand, a company that shares that same vision,” said Jody Paterson, Founder and Chairman – ERP Maestro.

“The value of having our GRC and access control suite integrated with identity security from a single vendor will make monitoring and preventing risks even more comprehensive and efficient,” added Paterson.

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