Red Lion’s FlexEdge platform unites IT and OT

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Pennsylvania, USA: Red Lion’s FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform now combines the scalability of Linux with Crimson 3.2 software into one user-friendly operating system (OS).

This fusion enables a single FlexEdge controller to provide advanced networking, security, and automation. By integrating IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology), Red Lion’s FlexEdge helps customers reduce costs, improve data security, and increase productivity.

Crimson 3.2 software powered Red Lion’s FlexEdge platform provides customers with maximum flexibility to easily modify controller functionality as application needs change. The fusion has led integration of advanced networking and powerful automation in one OS.

FlexEdge’s modular communications sleds
FlexEdge’s DA 70 with modular communications sleds

From advanced networking to automation, one controller does it all. Customers can enable additional functionality through field-unlockable software upgrades that eliminate the need to purchase or add more equipment, saving both money and unnecessary downtime.

These new capabilities open doors to new product combinations, further expanding the applications to which the FlexEdge platform can be deployed. With FlexEdge’s modular communications sleds, users can now deploy multi-cellular radio gateways for critical communications applications.

And, for environments with demanding requirements, the platform offers multiple isolated serial ports, routable Ethernet ports, optional serial, USB, Wi-Fi, and cellular communications sleds, and field-installable I/O.

Red Lion is an industrial network and automation technology company based in Pennsylvania, USA. It is a part of Spectris PLC, the productivity enhancing instrumentation and controls company.

(Image source – Red Lion)

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