Red Hat Insights extend enhancements and integrations

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Raleigh, USA: Open source software major Red Hat has announced several enhancements to Red Hat Insights, its predictive analytics offering. This includes integrations for ServiceNow and Slack, as well as expanded monitoring capabilities to identify known threats in Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

With the convenience of bringing Insights’ analytics directly into ticketing and workflow systems, customers can use the tools they are already familiar with while more easily adopting analytics into their existing operations. In addition, enhanced threat visibility in foundational technologies such as Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables customers to reduce risks in their hybrid cloud operating environments for a more secure IT framework.

Access valuable knowledge about your applications, in your applications
As organisations expand cloud-native operations and introduce new platforms, notifications from varying, fragmented tools can be distracting and difficult to oversee, which can lead to alert fatigue and unaddressed critical issues.

Red Hat Insights provides unified visibility across platforms and services, enabling teams to manage holistically. Bringing Insights directly to service providers like Splunk this summer and now ServiceNow and Slack simplifies the procurement of a validated solution while integrating Insights into the services that customers already use provides seamless access to results.

Bespoke integrations help organisations proactively remediate a variety of potential software security and configuration issues by more quickly putting these alerts in front of decision-makers, encouraging remediations before there’s downtime, a cluster failure or a failed upgrade.

By extending Insights to service providers, Red Hat aims to reduce friction across IT and business organisations responsible for supporting the systems needed to run the business today while also building the services and applications to fuel growth tomorrow.

When it comes to managing wide-ranging hybrid cloud environments, according to Brent Midwood, Red Hat‘s Director of Global Product Management, flexibility, speed and visibility are keys to success.

“Customers leveraging a more integrated experience to access Red Hat Insights in existing IT processes, from deployment to use in day-2 operations, enables them to reduce process complexity and take faster action,” said Midwood.

“Whether it’s greater visibility for alerts in third-party applications or greater visibility into known threats for IT infrastructure, integrating Red Hat Insights with existing tools enables awareness and the confidence necessary to effectively mitigate security and operational risks, wherever your organisation is running across the open hybrid cloud,” added Midwood.

Better protect OpenShift clusters by identifying known threats
In addition to streamlining management across service providers, Red Hat is also enhancing capabilities to better manage and track vulnerabilities in Red Hat OpenShift.

Insights’ vulnerability capabilities for Red Hat OpenShift provides a list of OpenShift clusters that are affected by unaddressed Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), enabling triaging and prioritization of critical issues. The service helps keep systems up and running, complementing Red Hat’s existing hybrid cloud security portfolio while helping OpenShift users get the most out of their Red Hat subscription.

Reduce malware risk in your IT infrastructure
For most comprehensive security programs, threat hunting and malware detection are problems that Red Hat Enterprise Linux administrators face every day.

Red Hat is providing more visibility into potentially active malware running on systems. The Insights malware detection service monitors and assesses Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems for the presence of malware, utilizing over 175 signatures of known Linux malware provided in collaboration with the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence team.

Users can access the list of signatures scanned against their Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems with analysis reports, and view results for individual system scans and aggregated results for all of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. The addition of malware detection enables a multi-layered security approach to further drive infrastructure security and limit potential threats in their operating system.

The ServiceNow integration is available in the ServiceNow Store; the Slack integration is available within Red Hat Insights. The vulnerability capabilities for Red Hat OpenShift and malware for Red Hat Enterprise Linux are both included in your Red Hat subscriptions.

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