Red Hat Application Foundations – the toolkit for firms

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Mumbai: Open Source solutions major Red Hat has launched a comprehensive set of services called Red Hat Application Foundations for organisations. Red Hat Application Foundations, a connected set of application services combined with its OpenShift helps organisations speed up containerized application development and delivery across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The company said that Red Hat Application Foundations serves as a toolkit for organisations looking to quickly build and integrate application and data services as part of their application and infrastructure modernization strategy.

“Application development is undergoing significant change and developers need tools to support this transformation. We designed Red Hat Application Foundations with a developer-centric mindset, created to work seamlessly with Red Hat OpenShift to easily employ and deliver cloud-native applications, resulting in a simplified process to deliver a greater business value,” said Ken Johnson, VP and GM – Application Services, Red Hat.

By 2025, 750 million new logical applications are expected to exist, according to IDC. In order for developers to quickly develop and update software applications to meet the business needs, they need self-service access to an application platform with a low barrier to entry that is simple to use and enables more consistent deployment across hybrid and multi-clouds.

Red Hat OpenShift provides a unified, security-focused hybrid cloud application platform. With containers and Kubernetes, it provides a foundation for modernizing existing applications, building cloud-native applications, streamlining development, adding intelligence to applications, and integrating third-party services.

Through Red Hat OpenShift, developers with a range of technical knowledge can feel empowered to create sophisticated applications. In addition to modernizing existing applications and supporting new cloud-native development, it provides intelligence and data services for cloud-native apps.

Red Hat Application Foundations offers developers an integrated solution designed to connect applications both within and outside of the container environment. It is designed and optimized for OpenShift, bringing key application services and components to help developers employ cloud-native application patterns and swiftly bring their applications to customers.

With this set of capabilities, developers can more easily create and integrate applications that range in complexity for efficient and scalable execution across hybrid cloud environments.

It provides developers with ready-to-implement components that include high-performance data streaming services, API management, service connectivity, lightweight runtimes and frameworks and more. This enables development teams to modernise their application with scalability, agility, and extensibility.

These components balance flexibility and compliance, providing developers choice and efficiency through self-service tools and services. In addition to OpenShift, Red Hat Application Foundations can be used alongside software from technology ecosystem partners and in-house developed capabilities, helping organisations create the right applications to achieve their business goals.

In supporting this movement to the cloud, Red Hat Application Foundations unlocks multiple modernization patterns through microservices, APIs, event-driven architectures, and more. As application development and deployment continue to evolve, this foundation will help developers discover new and better ways to create and scale cloud-native IT infrastructures.

It supports a healthy continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, permitting software development and DevOps teams to innovate smoothly together.

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