Ransomware recovery guarantee from NetApp

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Bangalore: NetApp today announced several innovative products and programs, including a new modern block storage offering and a ransomware recovery guarantee addressing ransomware attacks.

NetApp’s new ASA (All-Flash SAN Array) A-Series family simplifies the deployment of modern SAN infrastructure while providing guaranteed availability and efficiency with cost savings and sustainability.

It announced a ransomware recovery guarantee at a time when ransomware costs to global organisations are expected to rise from $20 billion in 2021 to $265 billion by 2031.

The company said its ransomware recovery guarantee, initially be available on new NetApp AFF C-Series and ASA A-Series storage purchases. The minimum ONTAP release to qualify for the guarantee is version 9.12.1 for the AFF C-Series and version 9.13.1 for the ASA A-Series.

NetApp’s Ransomware Recovery Guarantee
The NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee leverages the NetApp ONTAP unique combination of key built-in security and ransomware protection features. ONTAP can automatically block known malicious file types, block rogue admins and malicious users with multi-admin verification, and provide tamper-proof snapshots that can’t be deleted – even by the storage administrator.

With ONTAP’s autonomous ransomware protection (ARP), attacks can be detected, additional snapshots are taken immediately, and recovery can occur in a matter of minutes.

With a combination of technologies, NetApp said it will now warrant snapshot data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack. In the event that data copies can’t be recovered with help from NetApp or partner assistance, NetApp will offer compensation.

However, for customers to avail of the guarantee, they will need NetApp Professional Services. The NetApp Ransomware Protection and Recovery Service is a managed service that includes an initial protection and security assessment, installation, and setup of NetApp storage and software; security monitoring; and support for data recovery if a ransomware attack occurs.

By combining the advanced capabilities of ONTAP with NetApp Professional Services, the company said that customers can take advantage of an exceptional solution for protecting and recovering from ransomware attacks backed by experts if required.

“In an increasingly complex world, organisations are looking for simplicity and security as a baseline,” said Puneet Gupta, VP and MD of NetApp India/SAARC.

“NetApp’s leadership in storage technology helps customers solve data storage challenges with operational simplicity at scale, built-in security to manage and recover from ransomware threats, and Flash storage backed by guaranteed efficiencies to meet or exceed sustainability and savings goals,” added Gupta.


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