Rakuten India rolls out B2B SaaS platform SixthSense

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Mumbai: Rakuten Group’s Bengaluru-based technology hub Rakuten India on Wednesday announced its entry into B2B technology products. Rakuten India launched its India built ‘Code to Customer’ Observability platform – Rakuten SixthSense.

The new platform Rakuten SixthSense will provide businesses and IT leaders intuitive end-to-end visibility of the entire IT environment – from development to business operations.

Rakuten India, the largest among Rakuten’s nine technology hubs outside Japan. It has been playing a key role in developing solutions for Rakuten’s global ecosystem of more than 70 diverse businesses since 2014.

The launch of Rakuten SixthSense into the B2B tech product market is the culmination of that experience, intelligence and learning. Rakuten SixthSense’s first launch is in India and will gradually be rolled out to other global regions.

There’s a significant increase in data generated from across the businesses with a continuously transforming digital environment. And there’s also an urgent need to glean insights from data at a faster rate and with a higher ROI for businesses to stay competitive. This is where Rakuten is trying to help organisations with its SixthSense platform.

Rakuten SixthSense enables organisations to have a complete view of their data across the IT systems, applications, and business impact. It allows for continual improvements based on the operational findings.

As a SaaS platform, it delivers speed to customers on a pay-as-you-grow model offering customers a mix of value and investment.

Rakuten SixthSense is a strategic initiative. A dedicated set of engineers are working on its development and support internal as well as external customers. The team expect to see significant growth in the number of engineers and product developers, shortly.

On Rakuten SixthSense’s launch Sunil Gopinath, Rakuten India CEO said, “Our product launch is looking to solve for Indian IT leaders which will make it stand out and validate its quality for a global rollout.“

India is the first launch market for Rakuten SixthSense, according to Gopinath.

“The region has always been a hub of exceptional engineering talent and a mature market that offers exciting opportunities for growth as Indian enterprises drive significant changes in their existing IT environments to support their growing customer needs,” he said.

“We have a large R&D centre in Bengaluru, which allows us to innovate and support our local customers more efficiently,” he added.
“We are thrilled with the launch of Rakuten SixthSense, developed by our team at Rakuten India in Bengaluru who have been driving innovative solutions for Rakuten,” said Rakuten‘s Group EVP, CIO and CISO Yasufumi Hirai.

“With Rakuten Sixth Sense, we are looking to offer alternatives to solutions that are either expensive or opaque in their commercial models. With our strong capabilities in data sciences and AI, Rakuten Sixth Sense will deliver on advanced capabilities that will differentiate it.”

“I expect Rakuten SixthSense to become a significant revenue contributor within Rakuten’s global technology hubs,” added Hirai.

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