Qlik acquires Kyndi to advance AI-driven business outcomes

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Philadelphia, USA – Bangalore, India: Business analytics platform Qlik acquired Kyndi, a Natural Language-powered platform that helps organisations find answers in unstructured, text-based data. The King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based company has not disclosed financial details of this acquisition.

Qlik acquires Kyndi

Qlik announced on Friday that it has acquired pivotal intellectual property (patents and technology) from Kyndi, which will support a transformative approach to how organisations interpret and process unstructured data. As part of the acquisition, Kyndi’s CEO and leading AI experts will join Qlik. This acquisition brings together Qlik Cloud’s structured data mastery with Kyndi’s unstructured data technologies.

Current answer engines

Addressing challenges in current answer engines, Kyndi’s expertise enables Qlik to offer new solutions for managing and curating answers and new use cases for decision-making from a vast spectrum of data sources. This empowers users with comprehensive, quality-assured insights, setting a new benchmark in the data analytics landscape.

“The acquisition of Kyndi’s assets represents a key step in Qlik’s AI vision, supporting our ability to deliver rich, trusted answers from complex business questions. It enhances our established leadership in AI, ensuring that Kyndi’s innovative unstructured data processing combined with our powerful structured analytics will unlock richer and more actionable insights for our customers,” said James Fisher, Qlik’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

“I’m thrilled to join the Qlik team. Qlik is perfectly positioned to deliver on the promise of generative AI. We have a unique opportunity to enhance how AI-powered insights create value for customers. Introducing our innovations into Qlik’s technology will enable the merging of structured and unstructured data, thereby empowering users with deeper insights and more informed decisions across a wide range of business scenarios,” said Ryan Welsh, Founder and CEO of Kyndi.

Unstructured data

This acquisition directly addresses the rapidly growing volume of unstructured data in the world. Qlik’s incorporation of Kyndi’s technology into its cloud solutions enriches decision intelligence by providing more comprehensive answers with enhanced context and relevance.

“Qlik’s acquisition of Kyndi’s assets is a significant move that reinforces its already established AI credentials and vision in the decision intelligence space. Recognizing the criticality of enabling the combined analysis of structured and unstructured data, Qlik has positioned itself at the forefront of innovative analytics. By anticipating the surge in unstructured data analysis, this will enable Qlik’s customers to gain better insights that enhance decision-making across various industries,” commented Mike Leone, Principal Analyst – Enterprise Strategy Group.

(Image credit – Qlik)