Orange Business Service enhances its Visibility-as-a-Service

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Mumbai: Orange Business Services said it is enhancing its Visibility-as-a-Service offer to help businesses take the guesswork out of their end-to-end application performance measurement. It provides a solid foundation for business transformation by ensuring that the end-user experience is optimized with the rollout of new solutions, such as SD-WAN or full-scale cloud migration.

The solution is based on Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity technology, which allows true end-to-end performance monitoring of the digital experience right down to the end-user’s device in any complex global IT infrastructure. This is the first time the technology is available as a managed service offering from any global service provider worldwide.

By including the end-user device in the application performance monitoring solution, IT departments can accurately pinpoint and solve issues, reducing finger pointing between different departments. It even allows them to identify potential performance issues before the user notices them. They can then take proactive steps to fix issues in the device, application or infrastructure, which reduces calls to the support desk and improves the overall digital and end-user experience.

One of the customers of the service is international law firm Simmons & Simmons, which used it to support a major IT software upgrade.

“Visibility-as-a-Service from Orange Business Services played an instrumental role in the migration of all our lawyers’ computers to Windows 10. It gave us insight into the PC performance at the user level to identify if there was any problem that could inhibit the migration. By taking the necessary proactive steps we were able to roll out the Windows 10 platform company-wide without any interruption or downtime. As a major global law firm, this is a crucial requirement as our lawyers need to be able to operate at all times,” said Ross Jeremy, Modern Workplace Team Lead, Simmons & Simmons.

Major rollout and continual improvement
Visibility-as-a-Service supports major rollouts such as SD-WAN, Microsoft and cloud migrations, as it can measure the impact to the end-user before and after the change. It also plays a key role in continually optimizing the infrastructure by being able to detect the impact of any minor changes on users, such as a new software patch.

“As a carrier-grade integrator, Orange Business Services is well positioned to roll-out major transformation projects for our customers and integrate managed solutions, such as the Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity service.  This solution adds one more piece to our connectivity portfolio to deliver the best user experience for our customers. The holistic view of application performance plays an invaluable part not only for change management in projects, but also throughout the entire service lifecycle,” said Pierre-Louis Biaggi, VP – Connectivity Business Unit, Orange Business Services.

“Companies today are in varying stages of digital transformation as they are under increased pressure to provide customers with compelling and faster digital services,” said Andy Elder, Chief Sales Officer – Riverbed. “With the integration of Riverbed technology into the Orange managed solutions portfolio, Orange Business Service and Riverbed can rapidly introduce new services into the market to respond to changing application and networking needs. Riverbed’s ability to measure and monitor app performance and the digital and user experience, and proactively accelerate SaaS and cloud-based applications to anyone, anywhere, regardless of location, is truly unique in the industry.”

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