New JFrog App for Microsoft Teams offers security visibility

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Sunnyvale, USA: JFrog, the Liquid Software company unveiled new integrations for its binary repository JFrog Artifactory and its advanced security solution JFrog Xray with Microsoft Teams. Following the integration, JFrog launched a new JFrog App for Microsoft Teams that delivers organisation-wide visibility into security and software development events, such as failed builds, security vulnerabilities, or compliance issues.

The new JFrog App for Microsoft will enable development team members can both assign and execute the tasks required to address issues, accelerating time-to-resolution.

“Designing software and keeping it up-to-date has always been a team effort – but the urgency of that collaboration becomes even more important when builds fail or security vulnerabilities strike,” said Stephen Chin, VP – Developer Relations, JFrog.

“Our goal is to empower developers with solutions that enable efficient, cross-team communications on the platforms they’re already using day-to-day, which is why integrating with Teams was a logical choice. The JFrog App for Microsoft Teams makes it easier for developers to notify and collaborate with the wider business to devise and execute a speedy path to resolution,” added Chin.

Many software teams use Teams to collaborate and provide visibility into development events or security vulnerabilities using both public and private group channels, as well as direct messaging.

The new JFrog App for Microsoft Teams delivers insight into whether artifacts are being uploaded, moved, copied, or deleted, so developers and their extended team of stakeholders from across the organization can quickly make informed decisions and take action to keep their software pipelines on track and secure.

“Microsoft Teams changes the way work gets done. It helps remote colleagues and partners collaborate and stay connected even when they’re working apart – and there are few places where collaboration is as critical to a project’s success as software development,” said Ben Summers, Director, Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing – Microsoft.

“This integration aims to make life easier for developers who are already using Teams for their everyday work to share project or security updates with their extended set of stakeholders in one click,” added Summers.

Other features and benefits of the JFrog App for Microsoft Teams include:
● Accelerated vulnerability resolution – Integrating JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray with Teams significantly decreases the time it takes to resolve development challenges or security issues.

● Improved collaboration – Developers can use Teams to delegate action items to extended team members – across departments – and take action on assigned tasks and provide status updates during each phase of the software development lifecycle.

● Quality assurance – Easily configure JFrog Xray policies and watches to monitor targeted artifact repositories used for test and staging environments, and tag team members on security vulnerabilities and compliance violations through Teams for prompt resolution.

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