Netmagic and VMware to launch CloudHealth service in India

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Bangalore: Netmagic and VMware to launch CloudHealth service in India. Under a partnership, Netmagic and VMware will launch VMware Cloud-powered SimpliInsight Services in India.

Netmagic, an NTT company is one of the largest VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) in India. As a VCCP partner, Netmagic will develop the orchestration layer on top of VMware virtualization platform in India.

Netmagic has achieved VMware Cloud Verified status and claims to be the first Cloud verified partner to launch VMware CloutHealth powered SimpliInsight Services in India.

The Cloud Verified badge signals to customers that Netmagic offers a service running on top of the VMware Cloud infrastructure. Through Cloud Verified partner services, customers attain access to the full set of VMware Cloud Infrastructure capabilities. That includes integration and interoperability, cost optimization and flexibility.

With VMware CloudHealth powered SimpliInsight Services, the NTT company will deliver a consistent and actionable view into cost and resource management, security, and performance for applications across multiple cloud environments.

SimpliInsight Services will help Netmagic’s customer realize costs saving across multi-cloud deployments such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), etc.

“Netmagic’s SimpliInsight service powered by VMware CloudHealth will support businesses with in-depth visibility on cost, performance and security – allowing our customers to make informed strategic decisions for their deployments across hyperscalers like AWS, Azure and Google,” said Nitin Mishra, Senior EVP and CPO, Netmagic.

“With CloudHealth, organizations in India can effectively manage multiple cloud environments through a single pane of glass. Our partnership with Netmagic will enable a wide range of Indian customers to benefit from our unified cloud management solutions and help accelerate the Indian cloud adoption narrative further,” said Pradeep Nair, MD – VMware India,

According to to VMware’s David Bate, VP -Cloud for Asia Pacific & Japan, enterprises in APJ are embracing a multi-cloud model and are looking for ways to assemble, deploy, shift and manage workloads across their hybrid cloud environment.

“We are excited to support their journey and are confident that SimpliInsight Services powered by VMware CloudHealth will utilize our platform to deliver a fully automated cloud management experience,” said Bate.

Globally, VMware has over 4,000 cloud providers that leverage its cloud infrastructure to offer a wide array of services, provide geographic and industry specialization, and help customers meet complex regulatory requirements.

Cloud providers under the VMware Cloud Provider Program deliver individually tailored cloud solutions and services in more than 120 countries.

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