Micron DDR5 RDIMM to power new server platforms, data centers

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Las Vegas, USA: Micron Technology has begun sampling DDR5 Registered DIMMs (RDIMM) memory chip based on its 1znm process technology.

DDR5, considered as the most technologically advanced DRAM to date, will enable the next generation of server workloads with over 85% increase in memory performance.

DDR5 doubles memory density, improving reliability at a time when data center system architects seek to supply rapidly growing processor core counts with increased memory bandwidth and capacity.

“Data center workloads will be increasingly challenged to extract value from the accelerating growth of data across virtually all applications,” said Tom Eby, SVP and GM – Compute & Networking Business Unit, Micron.

“The key to enabling these workloads is higher-performance, denser, higher-quality memory. Micron’s sampling of DDR5 RDIMMs represents a significant milestone, bringing the industry one step closer to unlocking the value in next-generation data-centric applications,” added Eby.

Advanced workloads rapidly expands datasets and compute-intensive applications have fueled processor core count growth. This will not be served with current DRAM technology’s bandwidth.

DDR5 will deliver more than a 1.85 times increase in performance compared to DDR4. It also enables the increased reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) that modern data centers require.

Micron brings over 40 years of experience in the memory technology. It has strong expertise in design, manufacturing, delivery and support its global partners and customers.

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