Juniper Networks brings new Contrail solution for service providers

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Bangalore: Juniper Networks, today announced a new software solution that gives service providers a near-limitless ability to cost effectively deploy new revenue-generating services at the network edge.

Juniper’s new Contrail Edge Cloud packs the industry’s most functionality into the smallest footprint among competitors to bring a full-fledged secure cloud experience to the space- and power-constrained edge network, which includes base stations, hub sites and switching sites.

Contrail Edge Cloud is the industry’s only production-grade solution that extends a full suite of orchestration, automation, security and analytics to the edge in order to deploy dynamic consumer and enterprise services in a cost and resource efficient manner.

With this new solution that leverages the software-defined networking capabilities of Contrail Networking and Contrail Security with Kubernetes and OpenStack to provide advanced networking, Juniper has taken another step toward enabling a secure automated distributed cloud that provides operators a simple way to create, manage and monetize new services in preparation for 5G.

As a champion of open source networking, Juniper has built Contrail Edge Cloud based on Linux Foundation’s open Tungsten Fabric project and continues to contribute to the Linux Foundation’s Akraino Edge Stack project to further the open cloud initiatives.

“Service providers’ edge networks are beachfront property. As 5G and new applications such as IoT, AR/VR and connected cars all require extreme proximity to the end user, the edge will become ground zero to deploy virtualized network infrastructure, as well as to monetize new applications. Contrail Edge Cloud will greatly simplify the IT side of spinning up and managing these new services in a secure way,” said Sally Bament, VP – Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks.

“The way people use the network and what they’ve come to expect is very different from just five years ago. Because of this, service providers are looking to transform many parts of their networks to satisfy evolving demand, and the network edge is key. However, it’s not as simple as just flipping a switch. In order to use the edge to deploy new low-latency services at scale in a cost-effective way, service providers need a simple way to fit all the orchestration, telemetry and security needed into a part of the network that’s constrained on space and power. Juniper Networks is giving telcos a huge leap forward in this area with Contrail Edge Cloud,” said Dr. Ray Mota, CEO and Principal Analyst, ACG Research.

“Red Hat is pleased to extend our collaboration with Juniper to develop and scale the intelligent edge, enabled by Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Our work with Juniper is based on a commitment to open source technologies that helps to provide our customers with more choice and innovation, as well as validated solutions that can accelerate time-to-market during an organization’s digital transformation journey,” said Chris Wright, CTO – Red Hat.

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