JFrog launches free ConanCenter to improve C/C++ package management

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Mumbai: JFrog has launched free ConanCenter that enables better search and discovery while streamlining C/C++ package management.

Conan is an open-source, decentralized and multi-platform package manager for developers to create and share native binaries.

JFrog is a universal DevOps technology player known for enabling liquid software via continuous updates,

JFrog currently offers an end-to-end solution covering the full lifecycle of developers’ Conan C/C++ packages from development and artifact flow control, to distribution. JFrog’s new ConanCenter will provide comprehensive tools, such as:

  • Simple, faster search and discovery of C and C++ libraries
  • Better search UX and an easy to find list of configuration options
  • Recipe information available upfront
  • Backed by a free binary building service for multiple OS’s, architectures and compilers

“Making open source C and C++ libraries easy to search and consume by developers is critical for the health of the ecosystem, and the new ConanCenter is a step in the right direction,” said Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez, Conan C/C++ Package Manager co-creator.

With more and more industries integrating onto Conan, including automotive, robotics, IoT, and healthcare, JFrog’s newly updated ConanCenter represents an important step in giving developers access to a curated and robust central public repository, with open source, high quality trusted C/C++ packages.

In Q1 2020, JFrog plans to integrate the Center with other JFrog tools and make it even easier to securely access all available packages.

ConanCenter also provides a free Artifactory Community Edition for C / C++ for download.
“The new ConanCenter is empowered by the C/C++ community and used as a platform to publish and share C/C++ libraries through an open source, multi-platform package manager that streamlines how developers utilize these libraries,” said Yoav Landman, JFrog CTO.

“Most of the IoT world uses C/C++ and JFrog wants to enable DevOps for the IoT community in our next leap,” added Landman.

(Image source – JFrog)

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