Is Hybrid cloud the future of enterprise IT?

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Mumbai: Yes. Hybrid cloud the future of enterprise IT said 77% of NetApp’s global enterprise customers in the latest survey.

The survey of IT decision-makers and infrastructure owners around the world found that 77% plan to operate their businesses in hybrid cloud environments for the foreseeable future.

Hybrid cloud helps to meet growing business demands for faster innovation while optimizing operations and lowering infrastructure costs.

“Speed is the new scale. IT leaders everywhere are accelerating digital transformation efforts, requiring more agility and flexibility to stay ahead of their competition and deliver immediate business impact,” said Ravi Chhabria, MD – NetApp India.

“Enterprises are embracing hybrid cloud models to effectively scale out IT resources to support business-critical applications and workloads – and NetApp is leading the industry in providing hybrid multi-cloud solutions to meet these organizations wherever they are,” added Chhabria.
Highlights from NetApp’s 2021 study
· The Hybrid Cloud the future: More than three-quarters of respondents said their organisation plans to operate a hybrid cloud environment for the foreseeable future. While only 17% expect their organisation to eventually migrate all IT to the cloud.

Those surveyed listed the most important business benefits of hybrid cloud adoption to be:
o   Faster Innovation – 26%
o   Increased Responsiveness to Customers – 25%
o   Increased Collaboration – 22%

· Key Operational Drivers for Hybrid Cloud Adoption: Respondents indicated they are looking to improve infrastructure flexibility and scale (27%). Hybrid cloud designs help IT teams get access to the on-demand and emerging technologies offered by the public cloud while still leveraging legacy systems running reliably on-premises. Nearly a quarter (21%) said they needed to optimize costs, while 13% said they needed to improve data accessibility.

· Data Protection Remains Top Priority with Other Use Cases Gaining Traction: Data protection (including disaster recovery, backup and archiving) was the most popular hybrid cloud use case selected. 29% stated they are either utilizing the hybrid cloud for data protection today or plan to within 24 months.

However, customer respondents indicated they are also leveraging the hybrid cloud for production use cases more than anticipated: 20% said they are currently integrating both on-premises and cloud resources to support the same workload for hybrid production, with 17% planning to do so within 24 months.

The survey data shows that organisations all over the world are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and consider hybrid cloud the future of enterprise IT.

“We needed the flexibility and agility of a hybrid cloud architecture to more effectively manage the massive amounts of data being generated daily across our global manufacturing facilities and development sites to accelerate time to insights and better inform decision making,” said Rohit Agrawal, Global Head of Hybrid Cloud – Siemens Healthineers.

“NetApp’s hybrid cloud solutions help us streamline data center operations and keep costs under control, with the ability to centralize, manage, and secure the mission-critical data and applications,” added Agrawal.

NetApp had conducted this survey among 79 organisations (54% AMER, 36% EMEA, 10% APAC) representing large and mid-sized organisations across diverse industries that have deployed or plan to deploy hybrid cloud architectures with NetApp.

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