Intelligent rack PDUs from Legrand to amend DC power usage

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Mumbai: Legrand, a global electrical and digital building infrastructures provider introduced the next-gen intelligent rack PDUs (power distribution units). The Server Technology PRO4X and Raritan PX4 rack PDUs will change power management in data centres with exceptional visibility, cutting-edge hardware, and enhanced security.

The latest offerings leverage the best software and hardware technology from previous generations of Raritan and Server Technology rack PDUs. Its design provides an unprecedented level of capacity planning, workload optimisation, environmental monitoring, and both physical and digital access control.
“The PRO4X and PX4 are a result of over three decades of rigorous engineering and intelligence, packed into superior hardware and software. They are designed to not only address the current power needs of modern data centres but also to help operators foresee and tackle power distribution challenges,” said Sanjay Motwani, Asia Pacific VP – Legrand Data Center Solutions.

Key to the new-gen intelligent rack PDUs is their capability to measure total harmonic distortion at the cabinet and device levels, a first in the industry. This allows data centre operators to have the most comprehensive and accurate (+/- 0.5%) power quality monitoring and metrics, including waveform capture capabilities.
Both the PRO4X and PX4 also feature circuit breaker trip forensics with waveform capture. This innovative feature enables facility managers to pinpoint the exact outlet and potential cause of a circuit breaker trip and proactively prevent similar incidents.
The new offerings also incorporate high-density outlet technology (HDOT) and HDOT Cx outlets, a 45-degree angle infeed, and alternating outlet and branch power distribution. Furthermore, they ensure secure encrypted communication as a default for all PDU data, thus elevating white space security.
Motwani further emphasized, “According to the Uptime Institute, power-related problems cause 43% of outages resulting in downtime and financial costs. The PRO4X and PX4 are solutions to this challenge, offering unparalleled outlet and power density. We believe these intelligent rack PDUs will significantly assist facility managers in optimising their power usage and capacity while ensuring maximum uptime.”

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