iGTB brings transaction banking portal CBX enabled for Kubernetes operators

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London, UK : iGTB (Intellect Global Transaction Banking) said that it has fully enabled transaction banking portal CBX for Kubernetes operators.

This will allow client’s DevOps teams to provision and deploy on any type of cloud (public, private or hybrid) with a single click and without human involvement.

CBX’s microservices – based platform for Cash Management, called as ‘Bank on a Tile’ has now been enabled for Kubernetes operators, allowing single-click provisioning of environments and deployment on any cloud in 45 minutes.

This process usually takes weeks or more and with the ever-present potential for error has now been fully automated.

CBX is a contextual, omnichannel front end for banking businesses of all sizes. It covers all capabilities of cash management, payments, liquidity, collections, virtual accounts, cash flow forecasting, trade finance and supply chain finance.

CBX uses OpenShift from Red Hat (recently acquired by IBM) with Kubernetes operators to make life easy for its banking clients to incrementally deploy new domain packs, or apply hot updates.

Deployment can be to any of the major providers and iGTB already has partnership agreements with AWS, IBM, Microsoft and Pivotal.

“Instead of bank-in-a-box, this technological breakthrough allows us to deliver bank component functionality on Kubernetes Operator tiles,” said Herber de Ruijter, Head – Digital and Payments, iGTB.

“We have fully modularised our cash management and transaction banking product portfolio so that each module can be provisioned similarly: module updates now need zero human intervention and will be deployed through the same tiles,” added Ruijter.

“This is similar to installing apps from an app store. Quite apart from the speed, cost and right-first-time benefits for the bank, it’s just plain simpler,” he commented.

iGTB also uses Kubernetes operators to provision 3rd party partner applications through the same tile-based app store, for example for multi-factor authentication, content management and campaign management.

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