IBM Cloud Satellite to enable distributed cloud computing

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Bangalore: IBM said that its hybrid cloud services are now generally available in any environment — on any cloud, on-premises or at the edge — via IBM Cloud Satellite.

For the general availability, Lumen Technologies and IBM have integrated IBM Cloud Satellite with the Lumen edge platform. This will enable clients to harness hybrid cloud services in near real-time and build innovative solutions at the edge.

IBM Cloud Satellite brings a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across environments, regardless of where their data resides.

The company said that is essential to help address critical data privacy and data sovereignty requirements. Industries including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare and government can now benefit from reduced latency that comes with analyzing data securely at the edge.

IBM Cloud Satellite can handle and deliver workloads related to online learning, remote work, telehealth services and more with increased efficiency and security.

As workloads shift to the edge, IBM Cloud Satellite will help clients deliver low latency, while still enabling them to have the same levels of security, data privacy, interoperability and open standards found in hybrid cloud environments.

IBM is also extending Watson Anywhere with the availability of IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service with IBM Cloud Satellite. This gives clients a flexible, secure way to run their AI and analytics workloads as services across any environment – without having to manage them on their own.

EquBot, a fintech firm helping global investment professionals, is already seeing early benefits. The work has shown reduced latency from ten seconds to under one second on some of the time critical models. This allows investors to make better-informed decisions across financial markets.

“Our Hybrid cloud strategy is built on the foundation of giving clients the flexibility to modernize applications in a way that meets their business needs,” said Shailesh Agarwal, VP – Sales & Industry Business Development, IBM India/South Asia.

With this new launch, the company has strengthened its strategy on Hybrid Cloud and AI, by extending IBM Cloud services to any environment – any public or private cloud, on-premises or at the edge.

Clients in India across industries, including telecommunications, financial services, government, healthcare, retail, and other can have access to a consistent and secure set of cloud services – wherever their workload resides.

“With IBM Cloud Satellite, clients are able to meet essential data requirements such as data sovereignty and privacy—delivered via the IBM Cloud, the industry’s most secure and open cloud for business,” added Agarwal.

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