Huawei’s Carrier launches new green development solution

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Shenzhen, China: Huawei’s Carrier launched a new green development solution suite during the Win-Win·Huawei innovation week.

Huawei’s Carrier BG CMO Philip Song said that as ICT infrastructure continues to evolve from 5G and F5G to 5.5G and F5.5G, green networks, evaluated against the network carbon intensity (NCIe) index, will become a critical part of future target networks.

“The main objective of our solution launch today is to help operators systematically build green networks that simultaneously address traffic growth and carbon emission reduction,” added Song.

“This solution is aimed at helping operators systematically improve network energy efficiency,” emphasized Song.

Technological innovation is required at three levels to help customers achieve green development goals, according to Song.

· At the site and equipment level, more integrated designs and new materials should be used to move sites fully outdoors, and increase equipment energy efficiency and the efficiency of using renewable energy.

· In cross-site coordination and networking, simplified network architecture and improved forwarding efficiency are required to maximize energy efficiency and make networks all-optical, simplified, and intelligent.

· To achieve green O&M, new O&M and energy-saving policies should be more easily developed and delivered, and energy efficiency indicators and baselines should be made more visible, manageable, and optimizable.

Song also announced the opening of the Evergreen Land engagement room, where Huawei will meet with global operators to discuss in-depth green development and ways to build the most energy-efficient ICT infrastructure.

“Huawei is committed to working with operators to improve the energy efficiency of ICT infrastructure and create value using green ICT technologies,” he reiterated.

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