HPE offers HPC solutions as a Service via GreenLake

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Bangalore: HPE in a big push to the adoption of high-performance computing (HPC) mainstream among enterprises launch HPC solutions as a service via HPE GreenLake.

HPE has introduced the new HPE GreenLake cloud services for HPC solutions as a service. It allows customers to have the powerful, flexible, pay-per-use cloud experience of HPE’s HPC solutions.

The new HPE GreenLake cloud services help enterprises to address the demands and complexities around compute and data-intensive workloads, AI and ML initiatives, gain fast insights and build new products and experiences. All these customers can avail via a flexible as-a-service platform available on-premises or can run in a colocation facility.

Since HPE’s new offering comes as a service to enterprise customers it takes away the complexity, cost and manageability aspect. The service is delivered fully-managed on purpose-built HPC systems, software, storage and networking solutions to suit customer’s needs.

Customers can order these through a self-service portal with simple point-and-click functions to choose the right configuration for their workload needs and receive services in little as 14 days.

“The massive growth in data, along with Artificial Intelligence and high performance analytics, is driving an increased need for HPC in enterprises of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to startups,” said Peter Ungaro, SVP and GM – HPC and Mission Critical Solutions (MCS),HPE.

“We are transforming the market by delivering industry-leading HPC solutions in simplified, pre-configured services that control costs and improve governance, scalability and agility through HPE GreenLake.”

“These HPC cloud services enable any enterprise to access the most powerful HPC and AI capabilities and unlock greater insights that will power their ability to advance critical research and achieve bold customer outcomes,” added Ungaro.

The HPC market will grow by more than 40%, reaching almost $55 billion in revenue by 2024, according to Intersect360 Research. And to support ongoing data growth, including data from emerging applications and endpoints, such as AI training models and edge devices, to efficiently process and analyze data.

However, traditional deployment and management of HPC systems are costly, complex, and resource-intensive. Top concerns involve system costs, operational costs related to power and cooling, and lack of skilled HPC technical staff, according to Hyperion Research.

HPE claimed that it is dramatically simplifying this experience by speeding up HPC projects deployment by 75% and reducing up to 40% capital expenditures by offering its HPC portfolio through HPE GreenLake cloud services.

Enterprises can deploy these services in any datacentre environment, whether on-premises in their own enterprise or in a colocation facility and gain from pay-as-you-use fully-managed services and focus on running their projects to increase time-to-insight and accelerate innovation.

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services for High-Performance Computing (HPC)
HPE will initially offer an HPC service based on HPE Apollo systems, combined with storage and networking technologies, which are purpose-built for running modelling and simulation workloads.

The service also leverages key HPC software for HPC workload management, support for HPC-specific containers and orchestration, and HPC cluster management and monitoring. HPE plans to expand the rest of its HPC portfolio to as-a-service offerings in the future.
Customers can choose these bundles from small, medium or large configurations, receive in as little as 14 days, and gain a fully managed service from HPE.
As part of the offering, customers will gain the following features to easily manage, deploy and control costs for their HPC services:

  •        HPE GreenLake Central offers an advanced software platform for customers to manage and optimize their HPC services
  •        HPE Self-service dashboard enables users to run and manage HPC clusters on their own, without disrupting workloads, through a point-and-click function
  •        HPE Consumption Analytics provides at-a-glance analytics of usage and cost based on metering through HPE GreenLake
  •        HPC, AI & App Services standardizes and packages HPC workloads into containers, making it easier to modernize, transfer and access data. The factory process is leveraged by experts to quickly move applications into a container platform as needed

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