How NxtGen helped PeopleStrong expand its scalability

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Bangalore: Data centre and cloud services company NxtGen has helped SaaS-based HR tech company PeopleStrong to manage its growing user base.

PeopleStrong wanted a scalable infrastructure solution to support its SaaS offerings with enhanced scalability, security, high availability and performance.

“PeopleStrong was seeking for an on-demand scalable and easy to deploy infrastructure solution to cater for its exceedingly growing user base,” said Rajesh Dangi, CDO – NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies.

Given the requirements of a SaaS-based HR tech company, NxtGen provided a reliable solution in the form of its Enterprise Cloud Service (ECS) to help PeopleStrong meet its business needs as well as its growing user base. The reliable solution also enabled the company to absorb newer technologies and increase its scalability.

“We suggested them our Enterprise Cloud Service which struck the right balance between the quality of service and cost optimisation and offered PeopleStrong a competitive advantage while supporting its fundamental business goals of delivering exemplary HR tech products,” added Dangi.

NxtGen assisted PeopleStrong to set up its entire User Acceptance Testing UAT environment running on NxtGen Cloud. It allows PeopleStrong to perform all the testing related activities before going live.

In addition, NxtGen provided PeopleStrong with a development environment to enable it to conduct pre-production proof of concepts (POCs), test setups of a few services, users and functionalities, integration validations and change management and more.

By leveraging NxtGen’s ECS for its UAT environment, PeopleStrong controlled its expanding data centre footprint. In addition, the NxtGen Cloud backed UAT environment helped PeopleStrong provide a significant return on investment (RoI). The company was able to increase its customer confidence through reassurance of meeting all requirements.

Overall, this helped to reduce the number of servers, the software cost as well as staff for managing the infrastructure. These efforts helped PeopleStrong significantly lower IT costs without impacting the company’s IT capabilities.

“NxtGen is kind of a partner to believe in as they will stand with you for all your deliveries, and they are more like your own team,” said Saurabh Gugnani, Head IT and Security – PeopleStrong.

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