Holocraft to offer pre-production, on-set visualization services

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New Delhi: Holocraft said on Monday it is all set to provide pre-production and on-set visualization services to the film production industry in India.

The Chennai-based Holocraft is a virtual production and real-time animation company that primarily focuses on virtual production and creating real-time animated movies. It offers a diverse range of services to its clients such as LED in-camera VFX, green screen virtual production, real-time animation, motion capture, 3D content creation, pre-visualization, and consultation.

With Holocraft’s in-house technology, film studios now can produce films on stage while simultaneously watching visual graphics in real-time. Changing sets will become as simple as switching backgrounds and quickly accelerating production from pre-production to post-production will save time and money.

In addition, real-time rendering in the unreal engine will improve decision-making as directors, actors, and other participants can view the final production of the film and make immediate changes as needed.

“At Holocraft, we firmly believe that filmmaking is an ever-changing artistic and technological endeavour for both filmmakers and audiences. Unlike traditional production methods, virtual production encourages iteration, nonlinearity, and collaboration,” said Praveen raj Jayachandran, Founder of Holocraft.

“It will enable the filmmakers to collaborate on visual details in real-time, rather than deferring all of these decisions until post-production. There is a huge demand for pre-visualization since it helps the production house to perfectly plan the shooting and reduce the unnecessary reshoot cost. We are confident that our product Holotrack will help filmmakers meet the changing needs of the film industry,” added Jayachandran.

For a filmmaker, the benefits of a real-time game engine also include higher image fidelity and increased malleability. Since the entire scene is rendered in real-time, changing angles or actions is much easier than frame-by-frame re-rendering. Moreover, pre-visualization will allow directors and cinematographers to scout virtual locations using virtual reality devices and block shots while understanding the real-world scale.

Holocraft has completed over 15 projects successfully since its inception and was recently hired to work on Radhe Shyam, a romantic drama written and directed by Radha Krishna. For the film’s key scenes, Holocraft created pre-visualisation and on-site real-time virtual production.

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