HFCL launches new range of Wi-Fi 6 products

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New Delhi: HFCL has strengthened its IO product portfolio of Wireless Solutions. It rolled out Wi-Fi 6 products in addition to its existing Wi-Fi 5 Access Points (APs).

HFCL’s new range of IO products is targeted to serve global carriers, enterprises and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide seamless data connectivity to their consumers.

The perpetually growing demand for higher speeds, increasing density of connected devices and diverse applications have strained the wireless access networks to their limits.

Wi-Fi 6 which is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standards has addressed this critical challenge. Wi-Fi 6 is capable of delivering >2 times the capacity and at 75% lower latency as compared to Wi-Fi 5 products.

Furthermore, the Wi-Fi 6 products are compatible and complementary to the upcoming 5G technology, offering seamless integration with 5G core, enabling a smooth mobile data to offload implementation for operators thereby providing lower latency and increased capacity over their predecessors without any hassles of a complex Wi-Fi – 3GPP core integration. Together they bring next-level, seamless functionality to the wireless world.

HFCL IO networks’ product range consists of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) dual-band outdoor and indoor access points, and telco-grade cloud NMS support for comprehensive security features like WPA3, IEEE 802.1X and IEEE 802.11i. It ensures higher encryption and secure data transfer of numerous, simultaneously connected devices.

This latest range offers an ultimate solution for outdoor hotspots where high-speed connectivity and security of data are the most important need of users who want to remain connected.

The new dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Access Points are ideal for dense deployment including large enterprises, office buildings, retail outlets, malls, schools, stadiums, hospitals and many other areas.

These APs showcase Wi-Fi Alliance Certified EasyMesh support that can automatically create self-organising, self-healing network interoperating even with third party APs with zero-touch provisioning, making it very simple and easy to install and configure. Based on the Wi-Fi 6 standard, these APs deliver higher capacity, enhanced power efficiency, and best in class performance even in densely populated or congested environments.

HFCL has closely worked with Qualcomm Technologies Inc. as the platform provider for enhancing its Wi-Fi portfolio. Based on Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platform, IO solutions are designed to provide effective connectivity in complex surroundings and ensuring secure data transfer. All these products are manufactured in India and with world-class quality.

“Our new product line of Wi-Fi 6 products strengthens our mission to deliver customer excellence through continuous innovation. The association with Qualcomm Technologies has really been an exciting journey and together we plan to deliver more robust, efficient, and scalable solutions,” said Mahendra Nahata, MD – HFCL Limited.

“Our entire product portfolio has been conceptualized, designed, developed and manufactured in India, complying with all relevant global standards. We call it Make-in-India for the World,” added Nahata.

“Wi-Fi 6 is a transformational re-imagination of how Wi-Fi works. And it is designed to accommodate the ever-growing number of connected devices,” said Rajen Vagadia, VP – Qualcomm Global & President, Qualcomm India Private Limited.

“Qualcomm Technologies is happy to join hands with HFCL for development of their Wi-Fi 6 portfolio of products for their IO brand. We look forward to bringing the benefits of the latest technology, greater capacity and network efficiencies of Wi-Fi 6 to HFCL’s customers and end-users across India and the world,” added Vagadia.

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