GPX brings first DCI network in India with Nokia

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Mumbai: GPX India said that it has built the first data center interconnect (DCI) networking in India leveraging Nokia’s DCI solution.

A licensed service provider has helped GPX India deploy DCI networking that connects the its two data centers in Mumbai.

The DCI networking will ensure a reliable and high-speed up to 10 Tbps connectivity between the two data centers. It offers cost efficiency and improved simplicity.

GPX India has now deployed Nokia’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch that provides robust and scalable interconnect between the two data centers.

Nokia’s solution can support 1G, 10 G and 100 G bandwidths and can scale up to 200G and 600G in the future to support the growing demand.

The solution also has three divergent fiber path protection which offers smooth change-over to another pair in a few milliseconds in case of a fiber cut, without any service disruption for the customer.

Additionally, two parallel networks have been deployed to provide redundancy in rare case of failure of equipment.

India’s burgeoning data consumption

India is recording an unprecedented increase in data consumption in all segments. The growing consumption of video streaming and video content on various over-the-top applications is driving growth from subscribers.

Hotstar app had over 25 million simultaneous viewers for cricket world cup, highest ever viewership globally.

India’s average data usage is over 10 GB per smartphone. This is amongst the highest in the world as per Nokia’s Mobile Broadband Index report 2019.

On the other hand, enterprises are leveraging new technologies like IoT, AI and cloud.

All these trends are resulting in deployment of more servers and storage devices at data centers (DC), increasing demand for data center space for expansion and high speed dedicated connectivity between multiple data centers. This very much exists in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and US.

GPX’s investment in data center infrastructure

GPX has increased investment in data center infrastructure. The company has recently established its second data center in Andheri East area of Mumbai to support its customers across Carriers, Content, Cloud (3C) and enterprises.

“GPX has many firsts to its name and the Nokia DWDM solution-based DCI network which can support multiple 10 tbps, is yet another added to the list,” said Manoj Paul, Managing Director – GPX India.

“Apart from its built-in fiber and equipment level redundancy, being a point-to-point network using single run fiber without joints and built solely for the purpose of connecting the DCs makes it more reliable, secure and affordable,” explained Paul.

“This model of data center interconnectivity, first in India, will enable DCs to grow and provide a campus type environment enable customers to expand between various DC sites in close proximity without any hassles,” said he added.

“We are excited to partner with GPX India in providing a world-class experience to their customers. Our DCI solution will allow GPX India to cost-efficiently scale while ensuring reliability and business continuity in the network,” said Vinish Bawa, Head – Emerging Business, Nokia India.

Calling this an important deployment, Bawa added, “It is the first DCI project for Nokia in India. We look forward to having a long-term and fulfilling partnership with GPX India.”

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