Fujitsu opens new research centre in India

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Tokyo, Japan: Fujitsu opens its new research centre in India under the entity “Fujitsu Research of India Private Limited” (FRIPL), established on April 1, 2022.

Fujitsu opens new research centre

The Bangalore based FRIPL will drive joint research projects with local Indian universities. President Hirotaka Hara (EVP, Fujitsu Limited) will head the new entity.

FRIPL is the latest addition to Fujitsu’s global R&D network. It will focus on research and development into AI and machine learning technologies, as well as quantum software. The company also aims to increase the number of its researchers to 50 by fiscal 2024.

FRIPL will initiate joint research activities with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to promote innovation in AI technologies.

The joint research activities will initially focus on improving the accuracy and resilience of AI and machine learning technology.

With the IIT Hyderabad, the research will focus on AI technology to discover causal relationships with higher accuracy. And with IISc will centre on technology to automatically generate AI through autonomous training in response to various environmental changes.

“Fujitsu plays a key role in driving innovation, and we will harness technologies like AI and quantum to contribute to solutions to these issues. These efforts require access to top talent,” said Vivek Mahajan, CTO (Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP) Fujitsu Limited.

“Strengthening our presence in India will allow us to tap into the enormous potential offered by world class researchers with local institutions and universities that drive global software technology development.”

“We look forward to conducting more agile and challenging joint research together to deliver a more sustainable future for humanity,” added Mahajan.

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